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Let’s watch that Christmas special trailer again!

Caught a definite glimpse of Polly on that last pass. What are you people doing??

Also, I haven’t watched it yet, but this looks intriguing and awesome:

The Fan Show is the best thing to happen to Doctor Who since the reboot. It is awesome and I love it. I am a Christel Dee fangirl! ❤


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Looks fun, huh?

Originally I thought this was going to be a next-gen Sarah Jane Adventures, full of movie-of-the-week growing-up troubles and soft lighting. Now it looks more like Torchwood Jr. On DW: The Fan Show this week, Christel talks with the young leads about the volume of sex and gore in their show. Weirdly, they make it sound kind of amazing.

However, it’s the last 10 seconds of the trailer that really make it. “Hellmouth?” “Once Upon a Time?” “The Vampire Diaries?” This is exactly how real kids would relate to these impossible events. (Do kids still watch Buffy?) And of course the Doctor’s reaction is equally spot on.

It doesn’t come out in the US until spring, but we’ll be watching.

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This summer saw the introduction of a new type of related media in ‘Doctor Who: The Fan Show.’

‘The Fan Show’ is a weekly YouTube series hosted by fangirl Christel Dee, featuring fan and cast member interviews, visits to the set, trips to events, discussions of fan-made and licensed spin-off media, and so on. It’s also an interesting blend of fanwork and official, an area where the BBC is breaking new ground.

Dee shares in an early episode that she was asked to audition for the show after BBC bigwigs saw her own YouTube productions. She was already doing the work – in the same way that Alice XZ was already painting portraits of DW characters – and the BBC decided to stamp it with their approval and support. They didn’t have to; other networks prefer to intimidate this type of fan, as if they were some kind of threat. The BBC chooses to put their fannish energy to work, for everyone’s benefit.

‘The Fan Show’ is a lot of fun. It’s full of silliness and squee. It engages other fans in its creative play, from Minecraft-style titles to cosplay and cakes. I enjoyed its off-season run immensely.

Now that the real show is back, ‘The Fan Show’ has taken on a new format. Dee sits down each week with fellow fans to discuss that week’s episode. Participants so far have been shameless in their approval. However, fans who feel differently are not left out: in last week’s episode, Dee read an assortment of less-than-delighted tweets for her guests to refute as best they could. It’s a show by fans for fans, but I think it tries to be as all-inclusive as it can.

Personally, I love it. But that’s the kind of fan I am. 🙂

Find ‘The Fan Show’ here, here, and here, and Dee’s other work here.

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