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I’ve always wondered about Idris. Before she became the vessel through which the TARDIS speaks, who was she? How did she end up on House? Was she a collection of mismatched limbs like Aunt and Uncle? Or a whole being, transported, like Nephew? How did she alone retain her name?

Of course she was bait: the fragile frame in which to trap a timeship’s soul. But how did House come by her? What life was left behind? Who loved her, mourned her, missed her? Who searched for her? What place did she fill on that unknown world, before she was stolen from her life, and her life stolen from her?



THE DOCTOR ambles among the stalls, hands in his pockets, taking in the sights and sounds and smells. Ahead of him, a slim, dark-haired woman moves quickly from merchant to merchant, her back to him as she haggles for her flowers and her fruits. He pays her little mind – until abruptly she turns, and they find themselves face to face.


IDRIS: I’m sorry. Do I know you?

THE DOCTOR is speechless




Are you afraid?


A Boy and his Box   Leave a comment

I have been known to ponder what “The Doctor’s Wife” might have been without the romance angle. Of course we know that the Doctor would love his TARDIS whatever she looked like, and that their bond in fact has no sexual element to it, but deep platonic love is barely a thing on television today. Given that environment, how could such a relationship be effectively portrayed?

TNT’s The Librarians reveals all.

The Librarians has shown flickers of DW in the past. Its creators established their fanboy cred on Leverage, and the pilot of their newer show displayed some strong parallels. In the S2 episode “And the Hollow Men,” Librarian Flynn Carsen – a brilliant, well-traveled eccentric – meets someone who turns out to be his Library – his bigger-on-the-inside box of wonders – in human form.

Instead of a beautiful woman, the Library manifests itself in a large, sweaty, bearded man. Sexual chemistry is notably absent. However, the love between them, the shared adventures, the need each has for the other, all shine as brightly as the bond between the Doctor and his TARDIS. Flynn loves his Library, and his Library loves him back. He grieves at having to say goodbye so soon, but he’ll never forget – and never regret – the time when they talked.


“It’s sad when it’s over.”

Well done, Librarians, well done.

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I included this video in my post about ‘The Doctor’s Wife,’ but it really needs its own space:

Massive fanboy (and writer) Neil Gaiman joins his wife (and fellow fan, I understand) Amanda Palmer and DW actor Arthur Darvill (Rory Pond Williams) on stage to support Palmer’s performance of a song written by teenage fan Allegra Rosenberg and inspired by ‘The Doctor’s Wife,’ written by Gaiman. Palmer stops in the middle to comment on the ‘realness’ of a song about a love between a fictional alien and a fictional magic box, based on an episode by a world-renowned writer, written by a 15-year-old and performed by a world-renowned artist on the 50th anniversary of the fiction in question… It’s meta gold.

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