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It is interesting to note that the three-episode arc of “Tooth and Claw,” “School Reunion,” and “The Girl in the Fireplace” has instigated more of my writing than anything else, anywhere, ever. (For example, this is the 4th post resulting from one conversation about one of the three episodes.) The reason for this I think is how much great character stuff happens in these three stories.

Across this arc we see the best and the worst of Rose. In “Tooth and Claw,” we see her compassion for the frightened maid, and her courage and leadership in helping the women escape the barn. But she’s also at her most callous in this story, provoking the Queen and joking with the Doctor in the face of others’ fear and grief. In “School Reunion” we see her petty jealousy, but we also see her overcome that jealousy for friendship and a unique bond with one of very few women who understands her experience. In “The Girl in the Fireplace,” we see the depths of her compassion and her commitment to help others, as she sets aside any feelings she may have about the Doctor in order to comfort and save Reinette.

This arc sets up Rose’s downfall. Rose spent S1 learning to trust the Doctor and herself, and expanding the boundaries of her own capability. In S2 she’s out to have a good time. She has stopped worrying about the risk, having perhaps too much faith in hers and the Doctor’s abilities. She never considers the real danger posed by the werewolf, and cares too little for Lady Isabel’s loss.

These three episodes are Rose’s last hurrah. Fans on rewatch can see the darkness gathering ahead. I don’t doubt the Doctor sees it too, though he’s happy to ignore it as long as he can. But not until “Rise of the Cybermen,” when she faces finding and losing her family all over again, when she loses Mickey, does Rose begin to understand the cost of her adventures. She’s young enough to think she’s invincible, and that the good times will last forever. After S1 she may even think she’s earned it. The balance of S2 serves as a nasty surprise.

Rose isn’t the only one who gets rearranged this season. “School Reunion” sees the Doctor face the consequences of his lifestyle. It sees Sarah Jane learn to accept what has happened to her, to see the good as well as the bad – setting her up for her own televised Adventures. “Reunion” and “The Girl in the Fireplace” set up Mickey’s final transition from idiot to savior of worlds. None of these characters is ever the same again.

There’s a quote from “The Doctor, the Widow, and the Wardrobe” that feels relevant here:

“Every time you see them happy, you remember how sad they’re going to be. And it breaks your heart. Because what’s the point in them being happy now if they’re going to be sad later? The answer is, of course, because they are going to be sad later.”

They’re going to be sad later.


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Okay, so I mentioned the Ninth Doctor, I might as well mention this:

The Cruel Sea

The book collects the entire Ninth Doctor run from Doctor Who Magazine. I enjoyed it immensely; I like the stories and the characterizations, in spite of the weak likenesses, and I love that comics can go and do things still too difficult or expensive for TV. I liked this book much more than the current Ninth Doctor run. Admittedly, I’ve only read parts 1 and 2, and I have determined that I don’t like the fits-and-starts nature of serial comic book reading; when it comes out in a book I’ll give it another try.

I also read the first volume of the Tenth Doctor’s new comic, now in hardcover: Revolutions of Terror. This one also didn’t grab me in serial form, though I did buy the first two issues for Alice XZ’s cover. Turns out it’s totally worth it. The story is gripping, the companion is great, and the Doctor is the Doctor, once again in spite of poor likeness. The second story in the book is even better, making excellent use of the comic book format and the companion’s artistic nature. I’ve put it on my wish list and will watch for Volume 2 to come out.

Next up: the Eleventh Doctor in After Life. The first issue of this one was wonderful, my favorite DW comic so far. Alice Obiefune is a gem. I look forward to more of her story.

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Once I found a stowaway
Upon my ship on Christmas Day
I was fair so I gave him a chance
“You shouldn’t be here, what’s your tale?
I ought to throw you to the whale,”
He just smiled and said, “Come here, let’s dance…”

So the Tenth Doctor charmed Astrid Peth, ill-fated serving girl aboard the Starship Titanic. She dreamed of seeing the Universe, but not like this. Not as servant to the posh and unpleasant, always wearing a smile in spite of their treatment of her, and hardly getting more than a glance through the window. But this handsome stranger wasn’t one of them. When he looked at her, she could believe he actually saw her, and he spoke to her as a fellow conspirator rather than mere staff. She didn’t know a thing about him; he could have been an escaped criminal, a murderer, a terrorist bent on destruction, and she still wouldn’t have cared. His smile snared her heart, and she could no more have turned him in than flung herself off the deck into space.

He told me of his girl back home
waiting patient all alone
As we danced I shed a little tear
He closed his eyes, all out to sea
I think he danced with her, not me
I’ll just have to wait another year

In him she sensed a fellow romantic. Together they yearned for what could not be: he for his lost love, she for the love yet to be found, each equally impossibly far away. She couldn’t be that love for him, nor he for her, but she could help him carry the burden. She could take away some of his loneliness and pain, if only for a while.

I think of him now and again
I wonder how his journey ends
As I sail upon my lonesome sea
The stranger with the haunting face
Here, then gone without a trace
Lying with his love, that’s where he’ll be

Astrid didn’t live to say goodbye. Instead, she drifted out among the stars, another speck of dust in the void. But in her last thought of him she wished for him to find what it was he sought, to have happiness again, to make her sacrifice worthwhile.

Beg, borrow, or steal, I’ll find a way
to be with my lover upon Christmas Day
and I’ll run and I’ll roam, I’ll cover the ground
Next Christmas I’ll see you, I’ll be around.

She would find the love she longed for. And someday, somehow, she would see the Doctor again.

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This video is just wonderful and hilarious and so very Ten:

I’ve said before, one of my favorite things about DW fandom is the massive creativity of its members. This vid is a great example. I don’t know anything about the song itself or the band, but I’m now inspired to find out.

And fandom begets fandom. 🙂


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Silly things make me happy.   1 comment

Like these silly, wondrous, beautiful things:

2015-02-25 18.32.59

These are Alice XZ’s Doctor Who comic book covers. As much as I would love to buy and read Doctor Who comics regularly, it’s an impractical medium. 5 minutes of story once a month at $4 a pop adds up too fast. But Alice XZ covers I can justify collecting.

So far she’s done two of each Doctor, 10-12, and she has two issues of the 9th Doctor coming up as well. If you’re not familiar with her work, check her out. Her TARDIS – titled ‘All of Time and Space’ – is one of my all-time favorite pieces of fan art. I have it on a tee shirt, a print on my wall, and on a tote bag. Admire its glorious color and light. All of her work is generally wonderful, though some of her likenesses aren’t as good as others. Here are a few more of my favorites:

Virtuoso,’ now officially licensed by the BBC.

The Girl who Waited

Molly Hooper

And gone from Society 6 but still up on deviantart, one of the most heart-wrenching pieces I’ve ever seen: ‘Obliviate

There are of course many more.

On the comics front, I’ve enjoyed what I’ve read. The Eleventh Doctor’s stories in particular capture the character well. His companion is an excellent one. (Nothing against Clara or Gabby Gonzales, but Alice is special.) The interior art leaves something to be desired; likenesses are iffy. I don’t mind limiting myself to the Alice XZ covers. However, I will be collecting the Ninth Doctor. His run is only 5 issues long and includes Rose and Jack. How can I pass it up?

Official page here.

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The best part of this photoset is Tennant looking all serious while wearing pajamas.


Tell me where I’m wrong.

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The always delightful David Tennant   1 comment

Posted by writer Chris Chibnall from the set of Gracepoint: a photo. (Courtesy of Tumblr of course.)

If you can’t read Detective Carver’s messages, one is from D. Noble, regarding the library; one from Martha Jones, with information about Sally Sparrow; and the third, from R. Tyler, is something about a wolf. Rumor has it that David wrote the messages himself. I believe it; he operates at that level of fandom, and few others on the Gracepoint set likely do.

Once the Doctor, always the Doctor. ❤


image source

ETA I just noticed the checkmarks on the messages. Martha Jones ‘telephoned’ and ‘please call.’ D. Noble ‘telephoned.’ R. Tyler ‘telephoned’ and ‘wants to see you.’

❤ I am such a fangirl… ❤

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