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The latest piece of DW news is full of win.

The Return Of…

On the surface it’s all about the baddies. Capaldi has not been shy about his hopes for an encounter with the original Cybermen of Mondas. They of the spooky cloth faces introduced their race in the First Doctor’s final episode, and were never seen again. Until now…

But the buried lead is even more fun. A while ago I observed the empty space where a director’s name ought to go on the final two episodes of the season. Given how the last two seasons ended, I was hoping for another round of Rachel Talalay. And indeed, my hopes are answered.

Last but not least is the inclusion of one final name in the major cast: Michelle Gomez. Of course I’d already heard that she’d be back – but to have her for the final two-parter – very nearly the final of this Doctor’s career – is extra bonus fun.

More here, in the Who’s Day roundup.

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Michelle Gomez is a wonder and a delight. Here, the Observer shares a few words:

Michelle, Master and Missy

I’ve seen Gomez on Green Wing and Gotham as well as DW. Every moment she’s on screen, no matter what she’s doing, it’s better than everything everyone else is doing combined. I hope to see her up against Capaldi’s Doctor again soon; there is no better match ever made on television. ❤


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… we went to the 3D theatrical screening of ‘Dark Water/Death in Heaven.’

3D is not my favorite medium. Most of the time it feels gimmicky and pointless. That was true for the 50th, which we also saw in the theater, and about 98% of this one. The titles, however, made it worth it.

Clockwork spinning past your head, the TARDIS in your face, those eyebrows! For eighteen seconds, 3D served its purpose well.

As for the episode, it is mostly good. Clara’s assertion that she will never tell anyone else she loves him remains weird. Teenagers say things like that, not level-headed adults. Then she goes on to have a psychotic break and attempt murder-suicide by trapping herself and the Doctor in an active volcano. Believe me, I get grief. I get denial, I get rage. I don’t get this level of reaction. The fact that I never got what Clara and Danny see in each other just compounds the problem. It also left me bored with Danny’s emotional problems in the second part. The whole storyline is a mess from start to finish.

However. Michelle Gomez’s Master is a gem, a dream of a character. Every minute she’s onscreen is a joy. The UNIT stuff is silly but fun; Osgood is always great, and I adore the Brigadier, no matter how cheesy his scene. I wept from the moment his music began. The Cybermen reveal is fantastic, and I enjoy the nods to the classic with St. Paul’s and UNIT’s old-school Cyber-head. I like that the conversion doesn’t quite work like Missy hoped: the dead of Earth, rather than become slaves of their software, stand with their own kind against her. One of the recurring themes of Doctor Who is the heroism of ordinary humans, and this is a pretty cool example.

After the screening we got both S9 trailers, a humorous prologue, and an interview with the show’s two stars, conducted by Wil Wheaton and his alarming facial hair. All of these are now up on youtube, with the possible exception of the prologue, which I’ve no doubt will be soon. All are great fun, and we went home feeling we’d spent our evening well.

Next up: ‘Last Christmas,’ and then on to S9!