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San Diego Comic-Con was not on my bucket list.

I’ve known of it of course. It’s the mecca of nerd fests, the original, the largest and most famous of its kind. My husband attended as a youngster in its earliest years. (I wrote about that – and how things have changed – here.) But given the costs and the crowds, we had no intention of attempting it in these times.

Circumstances intervened.

Through an unlikely series of events, I received a four-day membership at no cost to myself. An even more unlikely scenario – improbable to the point of unbelievable – got my husband a Saturday day pass. His father lives in the area, offering an inexpensive place to stay. We were replete with Southwest Airlines miles.

So venture southward we did.

(Before you get too excited, I didn’t find out about the DW panel until after we’d bought plane tickets, and our landing was far too late. Not that we’d have camped out overnight for wristbands in any case. Especially since the entire thing is available here.)

The stories are all true. The crowds are mind-boggling. The cosplay is amazing. Everyone is there: Supergirl, Aquaman, Luke Skywalker, Doctor Who. I met Paul Cornell! Hours, even days spent in the dealer’s room will not get you to every table. The big rooms have big lines: we waited 40min to see Supergirl‘s panel and didn’t get in. I just made the cut for Science of Star Trek, featuring NASA scientists Dr. Morgan Cable and Dr. Jessie Christiansen and TV writers Hallie Lambert and Andre Bormanis, moderated by Bad Astronomer Phil Plait. Dozens behind me in line were disappointed. But there was no wait and plenty of room for Titan’s Doctor Who: comics are where it’s at.

I am grateful for the experience, but I would not repeat it. Instead, I’ll take advantage of my smaller local cons: OryCon and Anglicon this fall, NorWesCon and Rose City Comic-Con next year. I’ll meet up again with Paul Cornell’s newsletter group at Gallifrey One some day. I’ll stick with the smaller crowds and never see 150,000 people in one place ever again.


No thanks

A few highlights:

  • Cosplay! Slave Lando and Rose Tico with fathier were among my favorites. Thirteen was heavily featured – Her Universe had the entire outfit for sale at their booth – and both men and women got in on the act.
  • Titan Comics! There’s a ton of new 13 coming out, including an Alice XZ cover!
  • Time Lord of the Dance
  • Paul Cornell’s newsletter meetup! This was beyond cool. About 8 blog and newsletter followers turned up – including fellow featuree Heather Berberet. We chatted about our favorite panels, and Paul let us know what he was up to, kind of like a live newsletter. Afterwards we got a group photo, and anyone who wanted got an autograph and personal photo as well. Seriously, follow the newsletter. Paul’s a genuinely nice guy who’s interested in meeting like minds and helping his fellows along with their careers whenever possible.

Dorks. (Yes of course I bought the outfit!)

As a final note, I heard that Jodie Whittaker crashed the Her Universe fashion show in spectacular fashion, but did not witness it – until now:

Next season is going to be amazing. ❤ ❤ ❤


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Pure Imagination   Leave a comment

I’ve said before, one of the things I love most about Doctor Who is the imagination. The idea that anything is possible, somewhere; the freedom to play, to make the most lunatic dreams come true. Space whales! Pig-people! A box that’s bigger on the inside! And because Doctor Who plays with sincerity and love, it works.

Unless you’re a massive cynic, in which case this is probably not the show for you.

At the movies* last weekend we saw a trailer for an updated Mary Poppins. The original is a childhood favorite, one I watched again and again. My husband had never seen it as a child; some years ago, we went to a special screening in LA, and I learned how different the movie appears to an adult. Every song references a different drug, far too blatantly for a children’s movie – except those references aren’t there. They’re added by the cynical adult mind, the mind that’s forgotten how to use the imagination. The mind that needs chemical assistance to achieve the unfettered creativity natural to childhood.

Maybe this is why Doctor Who is considered a kids’ show: the adults can’t handle it.


*The movie was A Wrinkle in Time. I loved the book as a kid, of course; rereading it not long ago, it was the imagination that struck me. The film too is gloriously imaginative, in ways only film can be. I adored it.

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I can’t help it   Leave a comment

Let’s watch that Christmas special trailer again!

Caught a definite glimpse of Polly on that last pass. What are you people doing??

Also, I haven’t watched it yet, but this looks intriguing and awesome:

The Fan Show is the best thing to happen to Doctor Who since the reboot. It is awesome and I love it. I am a Christel Dee fangirl! ❤

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Anticipatory Absurdity   Leave a comment

I was going to post a bunch of links related to the new trailer, but as it turns out, I only have to post one: Doctor Who’s Day Trailer Roundup

Missy’s reaction and of course The Fan Show were key for me. Michelle Gomez is a delight in everything she does, and Christel’s squee level nicely matches my own. But plenty of other stuff at the link looks fun too. And then there’s ANOTHER Fan Show waiting which I haven’t even seen yet: Fanimation

We are rapidly running out of weekends on which to screen “Survival” before the premiere. After such a long wait it’s hard to believe that it’s almost here. Knowing it’s Capaldi’s last makes it bittersweet, but my excitement remains undimmed – as does my intent to watch Rona Monroe’s classic before her triumphant return.

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Hero Time   Leave a comment

At the end of last month, a new trailer appeared:

Since her introduction Bill has reminded me of Rose, and never more so than in this trailer. The look on her face as she speaks of danger is the same one Rose wears in her first episode, as the Nestene’s hiding place comes crashing down around her. That love of risk. That sensation of aliveness at the edge of death. That youthful invulnerability.

This season is going to be a lot of fun.


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Many Things*   Leave a comment

*what the TARDIS probably contains.

I have been remiss here of late. Other than the holiday special I have mentioned none of the fun DW related things that have abounded.

Well, maybe not abounded as such…

Ages ago, we finished watching the spinoff “Class.” As of yet the show has no future – it has not aired on actual TV and no second season is confirmed – although the series ended on a hell of a cliffhanger. It was a lot of fun overall: well made, well performed, with no more adolescent melodrama than you would expect from a show about teenagers and rather less than the supposedly grown-up Torchwood. Miss Quill, played by Katherine Kelly, is one of my new favorite characters. She is badass, vengeful, unfriendly, and unkind – the antithesis of the pretty blonde alien. I enjoyed the hell out of her.

Unfortunately our DW meetup group more or less disintegrated toward the end of last year. The organizer came down with a series of malignant viral infections, cancelling first the “Boom Town” and “Bad Wolf” screening and then the series-ending three-parter from “Bad Wolf” through “The Christmas Invasion.” Our S1 rewatch effectively ended with “The Doctor Dances” – not a bad place to stop, of course, but I was looking forward to finishing the season among my nerd horde. Still, we could resume come spring. A new organizer has stepped forward, and he hopes to add more social events as well as screenings to our calendar.

I thought I had posted earlier about a certain writer’s return to the show, but it appears I never finished the post. Ages back – last summer? last fall? it was teased that a classic DW writer would be writing an episode for S10. When I heard, I thought instantly of Ben Aaronovitch. Aaronovitch wrote “Remembrance of the Daleks,” in which Ace defends Coal Hill School with a baseball bat, and “Battlefield,” an Arthurian story with the Doctor in the role of Merlin. Both are strong, memorable stories from a difficult time in the show’s history. Since then, Aaronovitch has created his own ongoing series of novels about a young mixed-race London cop who can see ghosts and who learns how to do magic. The Rivers of London series is great fun and very nerdy – any DW fan will relate to Peter Grant right off the bat.

However, it isn’t Aaronovitch. The returning writer is Rona Monro. Monro wrote the very last aired classic DW story, with the oddly prescient name “Survival.” Since then she has written extensively for film, television, radio, and the stage. Her return, and that of Sarah Dollard, marks the second series in a row in which two (or more? 1 writer may still be TBA) episodes are written by women. Yes, a pittance against the 5 or more male writers appearing every season, but better than the long drought of series 5-8. (Not to mention 1, 2, and the vast majority of classic DW.)

I have not seen “Survival” but I plan to fix that before S10 begins.

On the topic of women behind the camera, I note that the director slot has yet to be filled for episodes 11 and 12 of the new series. Rachel Talalay has admirably taken that role the last two seasons. Dare we hope for three in a row?

Finally, the holidays may be over, but I only recently stumbled across the Doctor Puppet’s latest Christmas special. It’s adorable, as always. Enjoy.


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And by “watch it” I mean this latest piece from the Doctor Who Fan Orchestra:

As he does each time, creator Stephen Willis outdoes himself with creative arranging and video effects. Participants get wild with costumes and settings. The music is gorgeous: composer, arranger, and performers are all to be commended.

It’s also a ridiculous amount of fun.

The tribute at the end of the piece is to an orchestra member who passed earlier this year. No group is immune to loss; a group this large, with this age range, even less so. We are grateful to Steve’s family for letting us know – he could have just vanished, as many do – and allowing us to acknowledge him. He played French horn and always wore a tux. His contributions will be missed.

Even insiders can’t say when the Orchestra will return, but if you follow Stephen’s youtube channel, you’ll be among the first to know.

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