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Datum #1: Courtesy of tumblr (oh had I saved the original post) I find that Dean Devlin of Leverage and The Librarians is making a movie with David Tennant. (Devlin’s fanboy status is well known: I commented on The Librarians here, and here a fellow fan posts some samples from Leverage.) Squee ensues.

#2: Devlin likes filming in my city. Familiar landmarks turn up all over the place in his shows. Occasionally one may spot stars around town or be inconvenienced by location shooting.

#3: Devlin’s new movie – with David Tennant – will also be filmed in my city. David Tennant. My city.

Draw your own conclusions.

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It begins…

September 19, here we come.

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This link is full of clips and other bits of fun. Osgood, Kate Stewart, writer and director videos previously posted, the mysterious Maisie Williams and hirsute Rufus Hound.

I love that people love this show. I love how excited they are to be a part of it. I love hearing a grown man use ‘squee’ as a verb. I love Jemma Redgrave flailing with delight.

It’s a wonderful thing.

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A variety of unimportant things…

If you have never seen ‘The Ballad of Russell and Julie,’ now is as good a time as ever. I thought of it as I was thinking of a title for this post; the phrase ‘ming-mong’ came to mind, which I only know of via this video (and accompanying research. Nerd.)

A tumblr post, which I can no longer find and therefore link to, pointed out another problematic aspect of ‘The Impossible Astronaut/Day of the Moon’ – which I originally expressed my feelings about here. The post observed (and I paraphrase) that the Doctor who answered without pause for consideration that an unaware slave is still a slave would be unlikely to then enslave 6 billion unaware people in the service of genocide. After taking an embarrassingly long time to figure out that the post was talking about the Silence, I thought about it further. Not only is it unlikely that the Doctor would engage the human population in this way – subliminally, and without their consent – it is unlikely in the extreme that he would essentially trick innocent people into murder. I think this is another arena where Moffat’s demonstrated writing skill fails him: surely the creator of ‘The Empty Child’ and ‘The Girl in the Fireplace’ could have come up with a better solution. A trick to defeat the forgetting, perhaps, or some other innocuous error – or hubris – of the Silence turned against them. That would be more in character than hypnotizing an army of unwilling zombie killers.

Anglicon is coming up! The staff have yet to post a programming schedule, so I wait on the edge of my seat to see if it will all be worthwhile. $65/person plus travel expenses to walk around in costume for three days would not be the worst money I’ve ever spent, but I’d rather I could learn something as well. Still, I am very happy with my costume selection. I plan to post preview photos this weekend – and of course action shots after the event. My sister will also be there, with some of this fabulous collection, as well as new pieces I can’t wait to see. And it’ll be the largest gathering of DW nerds on the west coast after Gallifrey One – no small potatoes may I say. The Sixth Doctor, Jo Grant, and Ace will be there, among other less-acclaimed (though no less worthy) guests. I hope they’ll have a panel or a Q&A, as autograph lines and breakfast banquets are not my thing.

As I speak – programming has just gone up. Off to squee now, more later.

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Paul Cornell just commented on my blog.

(see previous post.)


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Katy Manning loves me.

The event mentioned is Anglicon 2015: The Regeneration. As far as I can tell, this ‘British media con’ is the Pacific Northwest’s answer to Gallifrey One in Los Angeles. It first took place in 1988, hosting Paul Darrow from Blake’s 7, and in the following almost two decades hosted Nicholas Courtney, John Levene, Colin Baker, and Anneke Wills along with assorted guests from other properties. Membership lapsed in the mid-2000s, and Anglicon was finally cancelled in 2006 for lack of participation.

Little did they know what was just around the corner.

2015 is the first year of the con’s regeneration. The guest list so far includes Katy Manning, Colin Baker, and Sophie Aldred. All British media fans are welcomed, but the emphasis is clearly on Doctor Who. Located in Seattle, only three hours away, it’s much more accessible to me than Gallifrey One could ever be – considering travel and hotel costs, as well as the speed with which that event sells out. Not that I wouldn’t go, given the chance, but with Anglicon I don’t have to wait for an opportunity. I can just go.

Here’s hoping it lives up to its potential.

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It’s always fun to be noticed and appreciated. The Doctor Who Fan Orchestra has been around a few years, and received many mentions, most notably from composer Murray Gold himself. But that doesn’t make moments like this any less awesome:

Freema Agyeman, ladies, gents, and others.

Before I became a fangirl, I looked down on people who admired celebrities. I didn’t think famous people had any more to offer than anyone else – possibly even less. They’re just actors, not brain surgeons or rocket scientists; they don’t save lives or increase knowledge or build things that matter.

Except, to their fans, they do.

Stories matter. They’re one of the oldest features of humanity, and one of the most powerful. Actors, writers, producers, stunt performers, cinematographers, grips, and PAs are all part of the modern architecture of storytelling. Actors are the face of the stories they tell, and we get attached to the faces of the stories that matter to us. Freema Agyeman isn’t just a woman playacting in front of a camera; she is the face of courage, of adventure, of standing up for oneself – and probably a hundred other things to other people. To do something that touches her even a little bit like she’s touched us is an awesome opportunity, and an honor.

Here’s another example of celebrities that matter, courtesy of the courageous Lemonsweetie: Patrick Stewart being awesome.

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