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Is she genuinely remorseful? I doubt it. Can she make a lasting change? Ditto. She will give the Doctor what he wants, right up until the moment she is free. Will she make an unexpected choice, in opposition to herself for once?

Quite possibly.

Gomez is magic under any circumstances. I’m heartbroken she won’t return after this series. I can’t wait to see her chew scenery with John Simm. When this is all over I’m rewatching every Green Wing and DW scene of hers in a row.

Every little thing…

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All 26 seasons of Classic Doctor Who are now streaming.

It’s about what we expected: the BBC launching their own streaming service and making it the exclusive home of Doctor Who. It’s been in the works ever since they pulled the show from other streaming services. It took them long enough; I wonder if the wait had the desired effect, if desperate fans are buying the service, or if they’ve all given up by now.

Me, I’m buying it.

I’ve known about the service for a while. My sister is buying it for the infinite supply of Midsomer Murders and similar cozy fare. I was holding out for DW – and I told them so in one of their many surveys. Now – although I think it was the plan all along, and not a result of my pestering – I’ve got what I wanted.

Several informational articles mention 20 episodes for which Britbox could not secure the rights. From my research it appears that these are some of the lesser known Dalek episodes – “Genesis of the Daleks” is available, “Day of the Daleks” featuring the Third Doctor is not. The Nation estate strikes again?

Of course the missing episodes are not available, nor the newly-released animated “Power of the Daleks.” However the found stories “Enemy of the World” and “Web of Fear” are there, including Web’s animated third episode.

More, I expect, is to come.

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The Verity! Podcast on “The Girl in the Fireplace” brought up an idea that I had never seriously considered in the context of Doctor Who, but which is clearly relevant: polyamory, or the ability to love more than one.

American society is fixedly monogamous. Any type of relationship veering from the man-woman-marriage-children prototype gets a raised eyebrow at best, violent discrimination at worst. “Soul mates” are a trope many people attempt to apply to real life, often with painful results. Yet many people love more than once. The widowed or divorced person who remarries doesn’t (necessarily) stop loving their original partner. A person may love a long string or collection of people, each one different and unique.

It may not have been intentional on the part of either showrunner, but modern Who definitely pushes the boundaries.

In “The Girl in the Fireplace” (and in real life) Reinette is a married woman who is lover to the King. In the story she also falls in love with the Doctor. In her world of eighteenth century France, this is normal, as the Doctor tries to explain to his companions. But it’s also normal in the Doctor’s world. The Doctor loves Rose, but he also loves Sarah Jane. The Doctor marries River, but he also mourns Clara. The Doctor loves the TARDIS, but he equally loves his companions. The Doctor had a family once: does he ever stop loving them?

In a long life one may love many times, or many people all at once. Love for one isn’t diminished by love for another. The Doctor has two hearts and dozens of lifetimes: it seems natural that he would love a lot. It seems natural too that anyone of his courage, compassion, and charm would be easy to love. (All of us have fallen for him, right?) And in this world, can too much love really be a bad thing?

All it takes is a big enough heart(s).

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… but the story never ends.


She definitely added to our pile of good things.

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You’ve been warned.

One of my first reactions to Bill was “great hair!” This observation caught my attention because I’m not normally into hair. I haven’t jumped on David Tennant’s hair bandwagon, and Clara’s constant hair variation  in S8 mostly annoyed me. However, I do see the appeal of Capaldi’s curls. What is it about the Afro that works for me where the “sticky-uppy” look and elaborate Ren Faire ‘do don’t?

It might be the flat-haired longing for body and bounce. Or it might be nature-girl’s appreciation for an under-styled look. I don’t like hair gel; when other fangirls gush about touching Tennant’s hair, my reaction is one of mild revulsion. (Gooey or crunchy, either way ick!) I’m sure Capaldi and Mackie have some chemical assistance with their look, but both seem pleasantly uncomplicated.

There’s also a racial component to hair. Though I have not witnessed it, I understand that natural African hair has traditionally been discouraged in certain social and professional environments. People of African or Mediterranean descent have felt the need to flatten their hair or cut it short in order to be accepted into the dominant (white) culture. Bill rocking that Afro – and to a lesser degree, the Doctor’s Italian variant – feels like a step in the right direction. Pearl Mackie looks forward to seeing cosplayers take on the look; I love the idea that her portrayal could help people feel free to let their true self show.

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If you’re not familiar with BBC America’s “Doctor Who’s Day Roundup,” go check it out – a weekly post about cool stuff happening in the Whoniverse. This week’s is of particular interest at the moment, because it’s all about Bill: all the video teasers in one place, plus interviews, fan art, and other related awesomeness. It’s here for my reference but you ought to enjoy it too.

New Companion Roundup

I imagine I’ll be looking at this a lot over the next year-plus before we see her again…

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I haven’t been whisked off to time and space (sadly). I’m still here. I’m perhaps a little sad about the long wait for season 10. A little bummed out by the lack of streaming, or by the gap between my meetup’s meetups. But I haven’t given up.

My Eighth Doctor Alice XZ comic came in at last, and it is glorious – though I haven’t yet had a chance to read it. I asked for – and got – my library to purchase both 12th Doctor trades as well as Cornell’s “Four Doctors” collection. (I have them all on hold.) Another Tenth Doctor comic is expected anytime, and I still have to order Alice XZ’s Fourth Doctor cover.

“Aliens of London” and “World War Three” will be screened a week from Monday. And then, as our network shows take the summer off, as we catch up on Daredevil and Orphan Black, it will be time for a second pass at Season 9. Even without any new Who, fall always flies, and then there will be a Christmas special to look forward to.

And of course there remains an infinity of classics to watch.  🙂

One day at a time, in the right order…

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