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Pedalpalooza 2015: Time Travelers’ Ride   Leave a comment

For the uninitiated, Pedalpalooza is a loosely organized period of bike fun that takes place each June in Portland, Oregon. Group rides of all types take place each day for 3+ weeks: Kilted Ride, Urban Art Ride, Solstice Ride, to name but a few. For the last 5 years we have participated in the Time Travelers’ Ride, formerly known as the Doctor Who Ride, and this year was no different.

As promised, a few photos:



It was 95 degrees yesterday evening, so hardly anyone was in costume. The Dalek dress, however, was just the thing. With some creative use of kitchen implements, my bike and I became an exterminating machine.

Traveling through Time Portals

Traveling through Time Portals

Taking over the TARDIS

Taking over the TARDIS

The TARDIS is actually a free library set up in someone’s parking strip.

The ride finished up at the Pub at the End of the Universe, which had lovely outdoor seating and also beer. There was no trivia this year – it was not a DW exclusive event, and also I think they were tired of me winning – so we got to hang out with the trivia master instead, which was really more fun. As always, everyone had a great time.

Nerdery plus bikes equals win!


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Anglicon 2015   2 comments

This event was spectacular.

Anglicon was my first three-day con, as well as my first ‘celebrity’ con, by which I mean the sort where you pay extra for autographs and professional photos, as opposed to the we’re-all-one environment of Geek Girl Con and its more home-grown celebrity talent. My MO for GGC has been panel attendance: from writing and fandom to space travel and engineering, the con has been my place to learn new things about cool stuff. This con was different. The ‘educational’ panels were less compelling and informative than I’ve become accustomed to. The celebrity panels, on the other hand, were amazing.

The Sixth Doctor, Ace, and Jo Grant were in attendance this weekend – Colin Baker, Sophie Aldred, and Katy Manning – as well as monster man Jon Davey of the modern series. All of them were warm, delightful, hilarious, and fascinating human beings, with great stories of their experiences before, during, and after DW (except Davey, who doesn’t have an ‘after’ yet) and wonderful glimpses behind the scenes of their various eras. They all seemed to enjoy themselves as much as we did. For one panel, Davey shared the stage with the two companions, who were startled to learn that he, no small figure, operated a Dalek. Apparently the monsters have grown quite a bit in the new era. Aldred and Manning shared that they had chatted together throughout their nine-hour flight, and even by the end of the weekend seemed in no danger of running out of things to talk about. Baker screened ‘The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot,’ with commentary. Davey brought a slide show of himself as various monsters and UNIT soldiers, on set, at the Proms and the Symphonic Spectacular, in books and on trading cards. He also shared a short film he made with Ben Foster, a ‘Five(ish) Doctors’-style lampooning of Symphonic Spectacular host Peter Davison. It was all an immense amount of fun.

The highlight, however, was of course this:

Jo Grant and her Doctor

Jo Grant and her Doctor

I mentioned my husband’s wonderful Third Doctor costume; I may have neglected to mention his equally excellent voice talent. We had hoped he would get to meet Katy while dressed as Jon Pertwee’s Doctor. However, Katy is mostly blind; even if he got up to ask a question in her session, there was no guaranteeing she’d see him as he intended. But when the microphone came to him, he stood up and said, with perfect Pertwee charm, “Hello, Jo.”

She squealed and opened her arms. For the next ten minutes or so, he stood beside her next to the stage while she stroked his velvet jacket and talked about Jon Pertwee, and death, and her friendship with Liza Minnelli, and her time in America. Later, as he approached the table where she was signing, she leaped to her feet and called out “My Doctor!” We got the above photo, as well as a hug or two each, and a wonderful warm memory with my favorite classic companion.

And that was only Saturday.

The rest of the event was far from a letdown. Several full-sized and fully operational Daleks roamed the halls, occasionally facing off with various Doctors or each other, and at least once having a dance with Clara in her red Dalek dress. The cosplayers were as magnificent as I hoped. There was a couple dressed as Eleven and Clara who might as well have walked off the set, and a similarly dead-on Ten. There were multiple Missys and Osgoods; there were Roses and Rivers and Oods; a dozen TARDISes, two Twos, three Threes, an assortment of Fours, a family of Fives – one of whom wore my friend Kelly’s fabulous celery! – and a brightly colored Six who got his picture taken with Colin Baker.

We were of course not left out. My husband dressed as the Master on Friday (while he still had his goatee) and he had lots of excellent company:

The Masters Three

The Masters Three

The Master and Missy

The Master and Missy

On Saturday, yet another turned up to pose with his arch-nemesis:

The Doctor and the Master

The Doctor and the Master

On Sunday he dressed as Blofeld, complete with cat, though most people assumed he was Dr. Evil.

My costumes got less attention, as I don’t do character as well as he does, but still I had a good time. I entered the Masquerade in my TARDIS outfit, and might have had a decent shot except for one much-better, home-made version. The Dalek dress was much-complimented, and much repeated throughout the con in various shapes and sizes. The Tenth Doctor was one of a crowd, and mistaken for Clara to boot.

This one, however, was a win for me:



(I had planned to braid my hair, but I ended up really liking the ‘wild’ look.)

There were quite a few Ninth Doctors present, much to my delight: I saw two men, another woman, and a child, and there may have been more. It’s not a standout costume – I was once mistaken for Rose – but it was so comfortable, and I felt so very Nine, that I will happily wear this outfit again and again, whether anyone else appreciates it or not.

Here are a bunch more pics, including ‘official’ photos: Anglicon on Flickr

My artist sister tabled at the event, and though she was exhausted by her first three-day con, she had a good time and did reasonably well, in spite of the small and not-very-spendy crowd. I saw at least one large print of her Ninth Doctor out in the wild. Her new watercolor TARDIS did very well, as did – strangely – Furiosa.

Other highlights:

  • I really enjoyed hearing the companions talk about the special relationship each had with the (much more experienced) actor playing their Doctor. Each felt a special bond, a perfect friendship and working relationship. I got the same from Lis Sladen in her autobiography, with regard to Tom Baker. With all their differences, it was really interesting to note that each pair worked together, and cared for each other, as well off screen as they did on the show. Other pairings – Sladen with Pertwee, Jameson with Baker – did not always hit it off, so it was great to see that so many did.
  • I keep hearing how special Doctor Who was as a show, for cast and crew as well as fans. Over and over I’ve heard people use the word ‘family.’ As early as Katy Manning’s time, people knew that what they were doing was a big deal. They had some idea of the impact their work was having. It’s really touching that so many of them come away with such a wonderful experience. It makes me feel good about this thing I love.
  • Someone asked Sophie Aldred about her character’s sexuality. Nowadays, Ace is considered the classic companion most likely to be lesbian or bisexual. Aldred reminded us how different things were in the eighties – the height of the Reagan and Thatcher years, and well before many attendees were born – and that alternate sexualities were on no one’s radar at the time. In spite of this, she said, ‘Survival’ writer Rona Monro did intend Ace’s interaction with the female guest star to suggest something more than just friendship.
  • Jon Davey’s ‘favorite’ and ‘most interesting’ monster roles: He spoke with delight of appearing with a green bag on his head and arm, in order to play the damaged Cyberman in ‘The Pandorica Opens.’ He also described playing the right arm of a harp-playing Shaneeth on The Sarah Jane Adventures while the main actor’s right arm was busy operating the head.
  • When Manning and Aldred shared a stage to talk about their experience as companions, the moderator got in exactly one question in the first 20 minutes of the panel: the two actresses mostly interviewed each other, leading naturally from one experience to another, and completely delighting everyone involved – particularly the moderator, who sat silently between them on stage, wearing a smile of pure joy.
  • Colin Baker, asked something about other Doctors, acknowledged Patrick Troughton’s career and contribution to the show, pointing out that without Troughton, “none of us would be here.” He confessed how honored he felt working with Troughton on ‘The Two Doctors,’ and told of a little mini-vacation they enjoyed together when their costumes got lost in transit.

All in all, it was a great weekend, and one I look forward to repeating next year. Watch this space if you’re interested!

Birthday part 2: Pedalpalooza!   Leave a comment

Also today, this glorious thing went up: Pedalpalooza Time Travelers’ Ride

The ride, formerly known as the Doctor Who Ride, is now in its fifth year. My husband and I have attended each. Three of those years – maybe four? – we have also won the trivia contest at the end. The first year, I found myself a flag tee and went as Rose Tyler:

With dashing ginger Ninth Doctor, since dropped off the planet. (Regenerated, maybe?)

With dashing ginger Ninth Doctor, since dropped off the planet. (Regenerated, maybe?)

The second year I played the TARDIS, complete with helmet light and swirling vortex, formed from a chiffon veil left over from my bellydance days. I am sadly without a photo of that, at least on this computer.

For two years following I dressed as the Fifth Doctor, the youngest before Matt Smith and only blond Doctor so far. Normally I wouldn’t repeat costumes, but I’d made some changes, including a fabulous celery pin with its very own story…

With dashing 2nd and 3rd Doctors, and props

With dashing 2nd and 3rd Doctors, and guest

That’s with the original ‘real’ celery, which completely didn’t work. (It wilted really fast.) Following this event, I searched for a celery pin – any celery pin – on that wellspring of nerdery, etsy. To my very great surprise, I found nothing. I have no creative skills myself, and was temporarily at a loss, until I recalled the beaded-fabric flower jewelry of my old friend Kelly. I then emailed Kelly with my rather odd request, leaving her somewhat baffled. Her husband explained, and I sent reference photos; she then became very excited about the prospect, and delivered me this wonderful thing:

Beaded Celery by Paint Fabric Whimsy

Even better, once she put the thing online she began to sell it to other nerds – one of whom reportedly went so far as to get it signed by Fifth Doctor Peter Davison himself! She’s sold quite a number by now, and I can’t help feeling a little pride in my inspiration – not to mention her amazing skill! As a bonus, one of her daughters is now a fangirl as well. It’s contagious!

I don’t yet know what I’ll wear this year. We had discussed a Third Doctor team costume, with myself as Liz Shaw, my husband as Three, and one of our friends as the Brigadier. But after 3 rides and 3 cons my other half is wearying of his Third Doctor routine, and the friend in question may or may not still be on board, so I may do something else instead. Maybe Nine…

I will be sure to post photos, in any case.

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Anglicon!   Leave a comment

It’s coming!

I have many thoughts about this convention. It’s the closest I’m likely to get to Gallifrey One for the foreseeable future, so I hope it’s good. It’s an old event but it’s been on hiatus for the last 9 years, so it’s almost more like a new one. There have been some very slight suggestions of organizational problems. My con experience is limited to Geek Girl Con, an incredibly well-run convention, and smaller events like Sherlock Seattle and a couple of now-defunct Portland cons. I don’t know how big or how successful this one will turn out to be. I’m both anxious and excited to find out.

I’m very excited about the guests. The Sixth Doctor, Jo Grant, and Ace will be there. Yesterday, the programming schedule went up, and I learned I’ll have plenty of chances to see them without waiting in autograph lines – one per day each in fact. The companions have two companion-related panels together in addition to having individual Q&A sessions. Mr. Baker has two solo events, one discussing his more current projects and one TBD. Seriously, the description says “We’ll get Colin Baker to do something for you.” Having seen ‘The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot’ I know precisely how hilarious this could be.

I’m also very excited about the costumes. One of the things I’ve always admired about my fellow fans is their vast reservoir of creativity; with a masquerade scheduled Friday night in addition to regular con-cosplay opportunity, I can’t wait to see what people do. And of course I have costumes of my own.

I don’t know if I’ll enter the contest or not – my costumes are not home-made, more ‘assembled,’ and I’m sure to be outclassed in any case – but for the masquerade I have this TARDIS outfit:

2015-05-27 18.43.35

The two-layer chiffon circle skirt with lace trim I’ve had since my bellydance days. The corset is a slightly newer addition. I’ve worn them together for several events: they are reasonably comfortable and attractive. The hat was a ridiculous and awesome acquisition from last year’s Geek Girl Con. It lights up and has feathers and there is literally no other occasion when I could properly wear it. The necklace, purchased expressly for this event, is the Police Box sign from the TARDIS door, a very pretty piece from etsy. The galaxy tights are also a last-minute addition, thanks to my brilliant husband. 🙂

For the majority of Friday, though, I prefer to keep things simple and comfortable:

2015-05-27 18.41.32

The dress is from Her Universe, a gift from my husband last year. I may or may not assemble an accompanying headband.

The rest of the weekend is Doctor time.

2015-05-27 18.45.11

Leather jacket from Goodwill, appropriately colored camisole, black pants and boots a normal part of my wardrobe. I wore this ‘closet cosplay’ to GGC last year, and hardly anyone noticed. I’m hoping it’ll be more obvious at a Who-centric event.

2015-05-27 18.47.28

This is my latest and greatest, a $200 women’s business suit found at Goodwill (Goodwill!!!) for $40. I pictured it before with a blue shirt and a tie – I even bought a Tenth Doctor-inspired tie on etsy to go with it – but I was never happy or comfortable with the look. Something about the neckline didn’t work for me. I decided to go full femme instead with an open collar shirt and jewelry, and it looks MUCH better. The tie remains (so far) the one and only etsy impulse purchase I kind of regret.

I do have the shoes though. 🙂

My husband, currently sporting a goatee, plans a Delgado Master look for Friday; then, following a shave, the Third Doctor for Katy Manning on Saturday. Sunday remains to be seen, as he is less over-saturated with costumes than I am; however, since (I keep forgetting) this is a British media convention and not solely Doctor Who, both Gene Hunt (Life on Mars) and Bond villain Blofeld are possibilities.

We are going to have a really good time.

ETA we also have this to look forward to: brand new art by Studio Catawampus!

Cosplay!   Leave a comment

This year’s Geek Girl Con was full of win.

Saturday, the Ninth Doctor hung out with NextGen’s Captain Picard:


Picard was by far the more popular, being of course both much-loved and very distinctive. This year’s event had lots of Elevens and TARDISes but was otherwise fairly Doctor-lite.

Sunday went to 1970:


Three was fairly popular, but no one recognized poor Liz Shaw. Ah well, it was fun anyway.

More fabulous Three (because he is so very fabulous):



Photo credits: Rachel Benton

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More cosplay win   Leave a comment

This from last year’s Geek Girl Con:

Me as Fifth Doctor #2 (scroll down). I’ve since acquired actual pinstriped pants, and added some trim to the top. It’s awesome. With yesterday’s addition, I now have 3 complete Doctors, one companion, one half-assed companion and a pseudo-Dalek.

Now all I need is more events to wear them to. :-/

Also, check out me & the other half:

We made some gal’s day; she took our pic and put it on her tumblr. 🙂

And here’s that fabulous celery:

The artist is a friend – at some point I’ll share how that conversation went. 🙂

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Best Cosplay score ever   1 comment

Today at Goodwill: Brown pinstripe suit in my size, 80% off the original price. Makes my ass look fabulous.


(ass not pictured)

I already had the blue shirt (Goodwill) and the white converse (clothing exchange). My husband has plenty o’ ties and also a sonic screwdriver. I wasn’t really looking for a Tenth Doctor outfit, but an opportunity like this one could not be passed up.

I am full of win.

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