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Posting to preserve, mostly, but also to share.

Paul Cornell’s “unpublished creator” feature continues to benefit me, most recently with the introduction of Downtime, a multi-author blog that veers away from the fannish squee of The Time Ladies into a more nuanced, in-depth, and intellectual analysis. I love it.

And (re)discovered today while searching for images, a blog I’ve read before but not in ages: Blogtor Who, which seems to have grown into a bottomless time-sink of All Things Doctor Who. I look forward to some serious sinking.



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Adventures in Comic-Con   Leave a comment

San Diego Comic-Con was not on my bucket list.

I’ve known of it of course. It’s the mecca of nerd fests, the original, the largest and most famous of its kind. My husband attended as a youngster in its earliest years. (I wrote about that – and how things have changed – here.) But given the costs and the crowds, we had no intention of attempting it in these times.

Circumstances intervened.

Through an unlikely series of events, I received a four-day membership at no cost to myself. An even more unlikely scenario – improbable to the point of unbelievable – got my husband a Saturday day pass. His father lives in the area, offering an inexpensive place to stay. We were replete with Southwest Airlines miles.

So venture southward we did.

(Before you get too excited, I didn’t find out about the DW panel until after we’d bought plane tickets, and our landing was far too late. Not that we’d have camped out overnight for wristbands in any case. Especially since the entire thing is available here.)

The stories are all true. The crowds are mind-boggling. The cosplay is amazing. Everyone is there: Supergirl, Aquaman, Luke Skywalker, Doctor Who. I met Paul Cornell! Hours, even days spent in the dealer’s room will not get you to every table. The big rooms have big lines: we waited 40min to see Supergirl‘s panel and didn’t get in. I just made the cut for Science of Star Trek, featuring NASA scientists Dr. Morgan Cable and Dr. Jessie Christiansen and TV writers Hallie Lambert and Andre Bormanis, moderated by Bad Astronomer Phil Plait. Dozens behind me in line were disappointed. But there was no wait and plenty of room for Titan’s Doctor Who: comics are where it’s at.

I am grateful for the experience, but I would not repeat it. Instead, I’ll take advantage of my smaller local cons: OryCon and Anglicon this fall, NorWesCon and Rose City Comic-Con next year. I’ll meet up again with Paul Cornell’s newsletter group at Gallifrey One some day. I’ll stick with the smaller crowds and never see 150,000 people in one place ever again.


No thanks

A few highlights:

  • Cosplay! Slave Lando and Rose Tico with fathier were among my favorites. Thirteen was heavily featured – Her Universe had the entire outfit for sale at their booth – and both men and women got in on the act.
  • Titan Comics! There’s a ton of new 13 coming out, including an Alice XZ cover!
  • Time Lord of the Dance
  • Paul Cornell’s newsletter meetup! This was beyond cool. About 8 blog and newsletter followers turned up – including fellow featuree Heather Berberet. We chatted about our favorite panels, and Paul let us know what he was up to, kind of like a live newsletter. Afterwards we got a group photo, and anyone who wanted got an autograph and personal photo as well. Seriously, follow the newsletter. Paul’s a genuinely nice guy who’s interested in meeting like minds and helping his fellows along with their careers whenever possible.

Dorks. (Yes of course I bought the outfit!)

As a final note, I heard that Jodie Whittaker crashed the Her Universe fashion show in spectacular fashion, but did not witness it – until now:

Next season is going to be amazing. ❤ ❤ ❤

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Fans for Fans   2 comments

For those joining us from Paul’s newsletter – hello and welcome!

I’ve been stalking Paul Cornell via interwebs for some time. From his engaging blogs and intriguing podcasts, to his friendship with the inestimable Verities – he even commented here once, when I got confused about his comics. As a creator, he’s prolific and wide-ranging, from Wilderness Years novels and the invention of Benny Summerfield to a nerd-tastic superhero-themed episode of Elementary, comics about aliens in American politics, and novellas about the three witches of rural Britain – and that doesn’t even scratch the surface! His friendly online interactions and personable blogging tone make it easy to feel like I know the guy – one of the nicest, most accessible creators from the Doctor Who world.

Lately, as if to up the ante on niceness, Paul has chosen in his weekly newsletter to feature previously unpublished creators, to signal-boost other artists at the start of their careers – particularly those artists who don’t benefit from membership in the club of straight white male. Last week, in the first of these features, he introduced Heather Berberet, psychologist, mom, and keeper of Doctor Who on the Couch, a blog about our favorite Time Lord from a psychological perspective. (Her professional blog features Wonder Woman, always a good sign!) I’m glad to have found Heather and thankful to Paul for sharing her.

It gets better, though, because this week he featured me.

Paul’s newsletter for 4th May

(does that mean they don’t have Star Wars Day in Europe?)

The part with me in it is awesome, of course. But the feature about his own beginnings in the Doctor Who universe could prove even more valuable to my long-term success. It’s great to have the support of successful creators; it’s also great to see what it took them to get to where they are.

Thanks Paul! I look forward to your future newsletters!


ETA I can’t help sharing this photo from a prior newsletter:

I once described RTD’s interactions with fans as “lunatic, co-conspiratorial delight.” I think this image captures that.

And of course there’s the Moff working away in the background, grinning his little troll grin. (I say that with affection, I promise.)

The photo was taken just before a book signing at a London comic book shop by a whole host of creators, including the above, Paul Cornell, Jenny Colgan, and others. I would have loved to be there, in spite of the line. If only London were a little more convenient to the PNW… 🙂

Go check out Paul’s newsletter and all the geeky goodness contained within!!

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Time Ladies!   1 comment

I may have a new favorite blog: The Time Ladies

Not only do they have an excellent interview with DWM’s Emily Cook, with a “behind the scenes” series promised to follow, and of course a whole host of other lady-focused DW goodness, but they had a thing I didn’t know! A thing I was so excited to learn!

Black Panther‘s delightful Shuri was once on Doctor Who!


Ok, maybe not that exciting for anyone but me. Still, I felt I knew her when I saw her, but my (obviously too cursory) review of imdb did not turn anything up. I feel vindicated – not to mention thrilled that such a favorite was once a part of my show! ❤

As far as the Time Ladies go, the writing is quite good* and the topics interesting and varied. I expect to lose lots of time down that rabbit hole.


*ETA in spite of some flagrant apostrophe abuse…

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Fifty Years of the Brigadier   Leave a comment

Read this.

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I can’t help it   Leave a comment

Let’s watch that Christmas special trailer again!

Caught a definite glimpse of Polly on that last pass. What are you people doing??

Also, I haven’t watched it yet, but this looks intriguing and awesome:

The Fan Show is the best thing to happen to Doctor Who since the reboot. It is awesome and I love it. I am a Christel Dee fangirl! ❤

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DW Day   Leave a comment

Anglophenia’s Doctor Who’s Day Roundup, which I’ve mentioned before, weekly gathers fan art and video, official announcements, and other bits and bobs from around the web in one easy to find place. It was the go-to spot for our introduction to Bill, and unsurprisingly, it offers the same for our new Doctor:

Doctor Who’s Day New Doctor Edition

So much fan art! 🙂

Also included are videos of the BBC National Orchestra of Wales performing some beloved S10 music – including Bill’s Theme!

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