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Scrolling through my old posts, I came across Top Ten Moments of Rose Tyler, and wondered if anyone had ever done something similar for Martha. The first Black woman to travel in the TARDIS has suffered all manner of under-appreciation: even her fans spend their time bemoaning her treatment by RTD or the Doctor, or complaining about Rose. It’s rare she’s valued for her own merits. But Martha is the most grown-up of the modern companions. As a medical student, she far exceeds her fellow travelers in education and book-smarts. As the parent-figure of her own family, she is the most responsible adult among them. Also, she’s a bad-ass who learns to take care of herself while taking care of everyone around her.

In fact, the Radio Times did a Top Ten for Martha much as they did for Rose. However, as I disagree with almost every one of their choices, here instead is my own selection of Martha’s best moments – to the best of my recollection, as I haven’t watched her series in a while. In order of appearance:

#1. We Might Not Die


Finding herself on the Moon, Martha doesn’t worry about running out of air. Instead, she appreciates the wonder of the moment – in spite of the risks.


#2. Expelliarmus!


Put on the spot, Martha provides the magic necessary to seal Shakespeare’s witches away forever. Incidentally, this is not the only reference to her literary choices: in Eleven Doctors, Eleven Stories, Martha acknowledges the breadth of her reading – up to and including Twilight.


#3. In Heels, No Less!

If I could do screen caps, I’d have a better picture for you. In “The Lazarus Experiment,” wearing THAT DRESS and THOSE SHOES, Martha Jones jumps over a table to shut down a machine to free partygoers trapped in a burning building. This is the kind of woman we’re dealing with: quick-thinking, fast-acting, and steady on her pins.


#4. Would You Like Some Tea?

Another example of Martha’s quick thinking is this conversation from “Human Nature” by Paul Cornell:

MARTHA: Would you like some tea?
JENNY: Yes, thanks.
MARTHA: I could put a nice bit of gravy in the pot. And some mutton. Or sardines and jam. How about that?
JENNY: I like the sound of that.
MARTHA: Right. Hold on a tick.

The Doctor has forgotten her. Aliens are invading. Her one friend in this world is acting a bit odd – and Martha doesn’t miss a trick.


#5. So, So Sorry

Again, if I could do screencaps, you’d have the moment I mean.

From Professor Yana’s lab, Martha overhears a conversation between the Doctor and Jack, two old friends separated by metal and death, and united by a woman:

DOCTOR She’s gone, Jack. She’s not just living on a parallel world, she’s trapped there. The walls have closed.
JACK: I’m sorry.

In this moment, Martha gets the truth about the Doctor and Rose, and the depth of his grief. In this moment she finds her compassion.


#6. I’ll Do What I Like

Back on Earth, Prime Minister Saxon has just blown up her home. Her family is in danger. The Doctor tries telling her what to do.

It doesn’t go well.


#7. I’ll See You Again, Mister

Her family needs her. Her planet needs her. Her time with the Doctor was fun, but it’s time to be the doctor herself.

She leaves him by choice, and in friendship, and she leaves him with orders:

“If that rings, when that rings, you’d better come running. Got it?”

Good thing too, because…


#8. I Thought We Needed An Expert

Martha has finished her medical degree and gone to work for UNIT, the one employer she can find who knows about aliens. Now they’re in over their heads – and like Mickey at Deffry Vale, Martha knows just who to call.


#9. I’ve Got You


She didn’t want to go to Messaline, and now she’s separated from her friends and her ride home. But instead of an armed alien, she sees someone who needs her help – and she won’t be stopped from helping.


#10. Dat Hair


Martha Jones can save the world, snag a man, and rock her hair game. Yas queen.


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Read this.

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The Doctor has companions!


Bradley Walsh, aka Token White Guy, has been rumored for some time. Per Twitter people either love him or hate him: he’s great, he should have been the Doctor, he’ll ruin the show, never watching again, blah blah blah. Having never seen him in anything I couldn’t say. While I do feel that his type has had plenty of representation on DW and elsewhere, I was intrigued by the potential of this dynamic:¬†the typical figure of power and authority playing intellectual and executive second fiddle to (someone appearing to be) not that. I don’t hate the idea.

The other two are a surprise. Mandip Gill and Tosin Cole are soap opera stars, previously known for something called Hollyoaks. Cole has also appeared in the Star Wars universe. Gill’s Yasmin will be the Doctor’s first South Asian companion – impatiently awaited since the too-brief appearances of Rita (The God Complex) and Nasreen (The Hungry Earth/Cold Blood). It’s nice to have some color and gender balance aboard ship – and I kinda hope Walsh turns out to be an alien. ūüôā Just for variety, you know.

I’m surprised at how strongly people are reacting to the number of companions. Three is apparently a crowd for some, in spite of¬† Ian/Barbara/Susan, Ben/Polly/Jamie, Tegan/Nyssa/Adric, etc. I think it will be a nice change of pace.¬†A single companion is more susceptible to an annoying romantic subplot. A team can tackle a story from a number of different, brilliant angles. (“Boom Town” comes to mind as a fun example.)

I am also intrigued by the inclusion of Sharon D. Clarke. Everyone seems equally confused by the “returning role” bit, since we’ve never seen her before; in fact it seems to have sparked rumors of a return of the Rani. But I think they actually meant “recurring” not “returning.” (Or is that what I’m meant to think?) Either way, looking forward to it.

If only we didn’t have to wait so long.

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The Doctor is IN…   1 comment

… my city!!


Yes I was miles from the stage, and the lines to ask questions streamed past me out the door, so I was content to sit in my seat and take terrible pictures. It was worth it. The Doctor and Bill were delightful, sweet, good-humored, and generally everything you want the Doctor and his companion to be.


  • When asked his favorite Doctor, “except yourself,” Capaldi replied “Jodie Whittaker.” The crowd went wild.
  • One small child, maybe 6 years old, came to the microphone trembling in terror and unable to speak. Recognizing the situation, Peter and Pearl both did their best to put him at ease. “We did a photo, didn’t we?” Peter asked. “You’re cool.” They asked his name, allowing him to find his voice, and then he was able to ask his question.
  • The final question, also asked by an under-10, was “Who is your favorite companion?” In the photo above, I attempted to catch Pearl’s look as she waited to hear his answer. Instead, I captured her reaction when he said, “K9.”

Rose City is quite a good convention. The guest list was impressive; I might have seen more if the event didn’t directly conflict with my dragonboat team’s final race of the season. My husband saw Katie Sackoff, the Weasley twins, and William Shatner. My sister did very well in Artists’ Alley. My DW meetup group hosted a panel. I may reconsider participating in the race next year, if these two events continue to share a weekend.

Especially if they bring back the Doctor.


ETA some (better) coverage from Digital Spy

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I’m seeing lots of posts about “now little girls can see themselves as the Doctor” which is totally great btw until they add “instead of the sidekick/arm candy/also-ran/companion” which I think is massively unfair to the companion.

It’s okay to be the companion: to retain your humanity, to expand your mind, to try new things, to have a home and a family, to become better than you know yourself to be. It’s awesome to be the companion.

It’s also awesome to be a genius and a little bit mad, to crave adventure, to always step in when someone needs help, to be alone, to be alien.

It’s not that little girls get to be the Doctor instead of the companion. It’s that they now get to be ALL THE THINGS. Anything they want to be.





Just as it should be.

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At the end of last month, a new trailer appeared:

Since her introduction Bill has reminded me of Rose, and never more so than in this trailer. The look on her face as she speaks of danger is the same one Rose wears in her first episode, as the Nestene’s hiding place comes crashing down around her. That love of risk. That sensation of aliveness at the edge of death. That youthful invulnerability.

This season is going to be a lot of fun.


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It is interesting to note that the three-episode arc of “Tooth and Claw,” “School Reunion,” and “The Girl in the Fireplace” has instigated more of my writing than anything else, anywhere, ever. (For example, this is the 4th post resulting from one conversation about one of the three episodes.) The reason for this I think is how much great character stuff happens in these three stories.

Across this arc we see the best and the worst of Rose. In “Tooth and Claw,” we see her compassion for the frightened maid, and her courage and leadership in helping the women escape the barn. But she’s also at her most callous in this story, provoking the Queen and joking with the Doctor in the face of others’ fear and grief. In “School Reunion” we see her petty jealousy, but we also see her overcome that jealousy for friendship and a unique bond with one of very few women who understands her experience. In “The Girl in the Fireplace,” we see the depths of her compassion and her commitment to help others, as she sets aside any feelings she may have about the Doctor in order to comfort and save Reinette.

This arc sets up Rose’s downfall. Rose spent S1 learning to trust the Doctor and herself, and expanding the boundaries of her own capability. In S2 she’s out to have a good time. She has stopped worrying about the risk, having perhaps too much faith in hers and the Doctor’s abilities. She never considers the real danger posed by the werewolf, and cares too little for Lady Isabel’s loss.

These three episodes are Rose’s last hurrah. Fans on rewatch can see the darkness gathering ahead. I don’t doubt the Doctor sees it too, though he’s happy to ignore it as long as he can. But not until “Rise of the Cybermen,” when she¬†faces finding and losing her family all over again, when she loses Mickey, does Rose¬†begin to understand the cost of her adventures. She’s young enough to think she’s invincible, and that the good times will last forever. After S1 she may even think she’s earned it. The balance of S2 serves as a nasty surprise.

Rose isn’t the only one who gets rearranged this season. “School Reunion” sees the Doctor face the consequences of his lifestyle. It sees Sarah Jane learn to accept what has happened to her, to¬†see the good as well as the bad – setting her up for her own televised Adventures. “Reunion” and “The Girl in the Fireplace” set up Mickey’s final transition from idiot to savior of worlds. None of these characters is¬†ever the same again.

There’s a quote from “The Doctor, the Widow, and the Wardrobe” that feels relevant here:

“Every time you see them happy, you remember how sad they’re going to be. And it breaks your heart. Because what’s the point in them being happy now if they’re going to be sad later? The answer is, of course, because they are going to be sad later.”

They’re going to be sad later.