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Well dang it   Leave a comment

I thought the Alice XZ images on the exclusive S9 steelbook were the same as the images on the 2015 SDCC exclusive comic.

They are not. One gorgeous Capaldi remains out of reach. 😦

SDCC exclusive covers (I have one):


Steelbook cover:


So close, and yet…


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Collection addition   1 comment

It’s crazy how long it’s taken me to share this gem:


Yes, like a true obsessive I went on ebay and finally – finally! – acquired that Alice XZ 2015 SDCC exclusive – along with the 2016 as a bonus! And I didn’t pay an entirely stupid amount of money! (Moderately stupid, maybe, it’s a matter of opinion. Art has value.)

Both are gorgeous, and the stories inside are fun too. The likenesses are among Zhang’s best. She’s improving as an artist, and I think she has a special affinity for this Doctor. Something about his darkness, and his crags and curls, speaks to her special talent.

The only missing piece now is the 2015 companion piece with Clara on the cover. It’s not a priority, as I understand it has the same story inside as the Doctor cover, and given a choice I’d pick this one. Still, I’ll acquire it if I get a chance, as it’s equally gorgeous.

No new covers on the slate for Alice at the moment, but you can bet I’ll be keeping an eye out.

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Missed again…   Leave a comment

For the second time, these images are on offer, and I am unable to acquire them:


It’s Alice XZ again, of course. The images she painted for a SDCC exclusive comic were PERSONALLY REQUESTED BY PETER CAPALDI for the limited edition S9 steelbook. (I had to look up “steelbook.”) Stunning, gorgeous, and PERSONALLY REQUESTED! And once again, out of my reach.

The first time, they were a con exclusive, for a con I was not attending and will likely never attend. And now, the limited edition will be offered in the UK only.


I know that feel, bro.

Maybe they’ll get crazy and offer it in the US too. That would be one way to persuade me to pay full price…

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The writers of the Titan Doctor Who series have way too much fun in their job.

(What follows may be considered spoilery for regular comic readers. Proceed with caution.)

I’ve mentioned before I collect Alice XZ covers. I hadn’t been paying attention lately, but when a new comic shop opened in my neighborhood, I glanced online to see what I’d been missing. Turns out there were three new items out with Alice’s covers, one of which was on the shelf: The Twelfth Doctor Year 2, Issue #1


The gorgeous cover is only the first piece of fun I found. #2 occurred on the very first page of the story itself, where the name and face of the character surprised and delighted me:


The likeness is unmistakeably Christel Dee, host of Doctor Who: The Fan Show. (Later the character is given the surname Dean.) I can only imagine Christel’s fangirl delight at being so immortalized.

And there’s more! A few pages later, the Doctor slurps a Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster – a drink concocted by former Doctor Who writer and script editor Douglas Adams for his most famous creation, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy – to the ongoing affront of an angry alien, whose name he doesn’t quite recall:


Those are Marvel references: Janet van Dyne, the Wasp – or Hope, her daughter and successor – and Victor von Doom, antagonist of the Fantastic Four. That Marvel once published Doctor Who comics, and that Marvel is the latest landing pad of Doctor David Tennant (via Jessica Jones), are meta bonus.

And the story’s good too. I can’t personally justify buying serial comics, but it’ll be a tough wait for the trade.

The shop owner is ordering for me the two issues he didn’t have in stock: Tenth Doctor Year 2, issue 6, and Eighth Doctor #1:




And still to come: the Fourth Doctor, due next month:


Always so much to look forward to. 🙂

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Okay, so I mentioned the Ninth Doctor, I might as well mention this:

The Cruel Sea

The book collects the entire Ninth Doctor run from Doctor Who Magazine. I enjoyed it immensely; I like the stories and the characterizations, in spite of the weak likenesses, and I love that comics can go and do things still too difficult or expensive for TV. I liked this book much more than the current Ninth Doctor run. Admittedly, I’ve only read parts 1 and 2, and I have determined that I don’t like the fits-and-starts nature of serial comic book reading; when it comes out in a book I’ll give it another try.

I also read the first volume of the Tenth Doctor’s new comic, now in hardcover: Revolutions of Terror. This one also didn’t grab me in serial form, though I did buy the first two issues for Alice XZ’s cover. Turns out it’s totally worth it. The story is gripping, the companion is great, and the Doctor is the Doctor, once again in spite of poor likeness. The second story in the book is even better, making excellent use of the comic book format and the companion’s artistic nature. I’ve put it on my wish list and will watch for Volume 2 to come out.

Next up: the Eleventh Doctor in After Life. The first issue of this one was wonderful, my favorite DW comic so far. Alice Obiefune is a gem. I look forward to more of her story.

Alice XZ Strikes Again!   Leave a comment

The Eighth Doctor, coming to a comic shop near you.

This is one of her best yet. If we’re lucky, she’ll do two covers like she has for each of the other Doctors, and my collection will be even more awesome.

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S8 on DVD   Leave a comment

I has it.

For $10 at a video store liquidation sale, no less! I love my DVDs but I especially love them cheap. My husband scored this plus a half-dozen classic serials and a handful of other things – probably 20 discs in all – for less than $50. That’s collecting at its best.

We have been planning to rewatch S8 for a while. One of the things that’s been holding me up is that my video file of ‘Deep Breath’ has become corrupted somehow – it’s still watchable, but won’t stream to my TV. We’d have to watch it on the computer, a smaller screen and a less comfortable seat. Now I have the DVD – which of course I planned to acquire eventually anyway – we don’t have to deal with that. We can just pop in the disc.

Not only that, but the DVD set is full of special features. All the behind-the-scenes and exclusive featurettes we watched on YouTube as the series aired are collected here. ‘The Ultimate Time Lord’ and ‘The Ultimate Companion,’ Peter Davison-hosted specials I’ve been wanting to watch for ages, are here. But the thing I made my husband sit down and watch last night was ‘Doctor Who: Earth Conquest.’

‘Earth Conquest’ is a ‘DW Confidential’-style documentary of the world tour leading up to the premiere of ‘Deep Breath.’ The cast traveled to seven cities on five continents for special screenings of the episode, meeting fans in the usual places – Cardiff, London, New York – as well as more out-of-the-way stretches of the world. In a big way, the special is about the fans.

In Cardiff and London, we learn the origins of S8’s fanmade opening titles. We catch glimpses of gorgeously made fan video. We meet the Doctor Who Fan Orchestra (of which I am a member – and yes, I appear in one of the clips shown!) We travel with the Doctor and Clara to South Korea – where people cosplay and squee and adore this show as much as anywhere, in spite of the language and cultural barriers in their way. Here we get a hint of how universal the Doctor’s adventures really are.

In Australia the cast is greeted at the airport by screaming fans. They give interviews to Australian radio and TV programs. We meet a stand-up comic who makes his living as a fan. In New York we meet artist Alice XZ and the creator of the Doctor Puppet. In Mexico, a mariachi band plays an original song about “Doctor Misterio.” In Brazil, as Capaldi and Coleman recover from their whirlwind 12-day tour, they consider the passion and adoration their characters inspire around the world and back again.

They are awed. As are we.

Fandom is an amazing thing. Doctor Who inspires creativity and imagination like nothing else on earth. The cast and crew know that; they ARE that. ‘Earth Conquest’ shares their appreciation with the world.


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