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Okay, so I mentioned the Ninth Doctor, I might as well mention this:

The Cruel Sea

The book collects the entire Ninth Doctor run from Doctor Who Magazine. I enjoyed it immensely; I like the stories and the characterizations, in spite of the weak likenesses, and I love that comics can go and do things still too difficult or expensive for TV. I liked this book much more than the current Ninth Doctor run. Admittedly, I’ve only read parts 1 and 2, and I have determined that I don’t like the fits-and-starts nature of serial comic book reading; when it comes out in a book I’ll give it another try.

I also read the first volume of the Tenth Doctor’s new comic, now in hardcover: Revolutions of Terror. This one also didn’t grab me in serial form, though I did buy the first two issues for Alice XZ’s cover. Turns out it’s totally worth it. The story is gripping, the companion is great, and the Doctor is the Doctor, once again in spite of poor likeness. The second story in the book is even better, making excellent use of the comic book format and the companion’s artistic nature. I’ve put it on my wish list and will watch for Volume 2 to come out.

Next up: the Eleventh Doctor in After Life. The first issue of this one was wonderful, my favorite DW comic so far. Alice Obiefune is a gem. I look forward to more of her story.


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I have read a lot of Doctor Who books: novelizations, original stories, and non-fiction. It seems only logical to post reviews here.

However, there are far too many of them.

A full list of fiction reviews can be found here: Doctor Who/Torchwood. Some of my favorites include Shada, a novelization of Douglas Adams’ script for a never-finished episode; Human Nature, the source material for the S3 episode of the same name and its sequel; All-Consuming Fire, in which the Doctor meets the Great Detective; and Eleven Doctors, Eleven Stories, a collection of mostly-excellent short fiction published in celebration of the 50th Anniversary.

I’ve also consumed a fair amount of ‘scholarly’ and non-fiction work on the good Doctor, with varying results. The most well-known of the books I’ve read is Chicks Dig Time Lords: I liked it, particularly Carole Barrowman’s contribution, but didn’t relate to most of it. I enjoyed The Greatest Show in the Galaxy, named for a Seventh Doctor story, a silly but fun collection of two fans’ thoughts and theories about their favorite show. Inside the TARDIS offers a solid history of the show, with minimal editorializing. Doctor Who in Time and Space offers thoughtful essays on a variety of topics.

My absolute favorite, however, is Doctor Who: The Inside Story, a behind-the-scenes look at reboot series 1 and 2 and the thoughts and ideas that went into them. I really enjoyed reading about the casting of Rose and Jackie and Mickey, the effects created on a limited budget, the clothes and the colors and the vision that went into every shot of every story. David Tennant wrote the introduction, in which he invites the reader to be “one of us;” I have never felt more included.

I read a lot more than I watch television, and I’m glad I can take the Doctor with me.

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