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It’s been suggested by fans that a Doctor’s new face may be influenced by those most dear to him at the time of his regeneration. That the Tenth Doctor (and maybe the Eleventh?) got his youth and his estuary English from Rose. That the Twelfth got his Scottishness from Amy. This got me thinking: what if our new Doctor’s face is influenced by Bill?




I’d be okay with that.

Ayoade’s name is already being tossed around by speculators. Okonedo has of course been on the show before, as Liz X in S5 – but if a prior appearance or two didn’t stop Capaldi, there’s no reason it should stop her. Either would be a refreshing variation on a 50-plus-year-old theme.

And both have amazing hair.

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2 responses to “Imprinting of a Time Lord

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  1. The Doctor pointed out that he’s seen his face before. In the fiftieth, it was said by the Curator that some faces will repeat. I don’t think that it has anything to do with Amy being Scottish that gave us this Doctor, or Rose being young giving us the others, although it is an interesting theory. I think it has more to do with what image slams into his mind as he’s regenerating. As River said, she had to concentrate on a dress size, and she was going to take her age down just a little bit to freak people out. I think he has control, he’s just never thought to learn how to control it. That’s my theory anyway.


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