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Last week we watched the first episode of the new DW spinoff, Class. It was, as I had begun to suspect, more Torchwood than SJA, and also quite well written. The characters are good, the conflict is good, and the Doctor is icing on the alien cake. I look forward to the rest of the series.

Last night my meetup group saw the newly released animated version of “Power of the Daleks” in the theater. I continue to be impressed with the Troughton era. In spite of a slow start, mediocre animation, and 60s cheese, the serial was quite engaging. The story is tight and well paced, never dragging like some classics tend to. The background artwork is beautiful. The Daleks are terrifying as always, but also sneaky and underhanded and occasionally hilarious: this is the first appearance of the serving-Daleks seen in “Victory of the Daleks.” The showing was followed by a brief making-of video featuring Nick Briggs and several members of the animation team, as well as a few from the original. Just as if we’d watched at home on DVD, but bigger. 🙂

We have lots more Doctor coming up this month. Next week the meetup will watch “Boom Town” and “Bad Wolf.” I wasn’t sure about splitting up the series finale, but “Parting of the Ways” will be paired up with “The Christmas Invasion” just in time for the holidays, so I think I can live with it. Then at the end of the month, our local old-school movie theater will be showing “The Invasion of Time” complete with period commercials. We saw “Genesis of the Daleks” there last year, and it was great fun. I haven’t seen “Invasion,” and we’ve seen very little of Leela so far, so we’re definitely looking forward to it.

On the topic of Christmas specials and similar fun, I have mixed feelings about the one upcoming. I was hoping to meet Pearl this holiday, but she will not appear. I was not as thrilled with Nardole as many apparently were, and I wouldn’t have chosen him as a recurring character. I don’t like how guy-heavy the story appears to be. On the other hand I love cheesy superhero stuff, and Christmas specials are always great fun. I’ll go into it with an open mind.

(On that note, I get surveys from the BBC about upcoming events, and I gave them an earful about the testosterone ratio of the holiday special. It was after that, I note, that the nameless young woman began to appear in the promotional material.)

An added bonus, for those who watched Doctor Who: The World Tour: “Doctor Mysterio” is the Spanish name for Doctor Who, and has its own mariachi filk captured on film. 🙂


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Well that was different.   2 comments

This week we attended what might have been the oddest Doctor Who event ever. A local wine shop dedicated to pairing its wines with the perfect food or the perfect social occasion has branched out into character pairings. Characters from Harry Potter, Firefly, Game of Thrones, and many more have been matched with zippy Rieslings and dour French Bordeaux. The idea is to taste the character of the wine and consider what traits it shares with characters from popular culture. This week the good Doctor and his friends got a turn.

For example, Clara Oswald was paired with a Pinot Noir Rose described as “energetic, intelligent, sassy, cute,” among other things; Jack Harkness with a “flirtatious, brave, tenacious, worldly, devious” Saro Djablo with an appropriate demon on the label. River Song’s Washington Riesling was “flirty, strong, [and] unpredictable” while the TARDIS was matched with a one of a kind Obac described as “mercurial, temperamental, feisty, [and big-hearted].” The Doctor himself was paired with a Cabernet Franc/Malbec blend described as “stern, gruff, [and] punk rock.” It was a mad range of wines, and great fun tasting for familiar traits. It was also unlike anything I’ve done before.

We wrapped up the evening with trivia. I handily won, going home at the end of an enjoyable night with yet another book for my collection.

People are going to start thinking I’m a nerd.

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