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It’s crazy how long it’s taken me to share this gem:


Yes, like a true obsessive I went on ebay and finally – finally! – acquired that Alice XZ 2015 SDCC exclusive – along with the 2016 as a bonus! And I didn’t pay an entirely stupid amount of money! (Moderately stupid, maybe, it’s a matter of opinion. Art has value.)

Both are gorgeous, and the stories inside are fun too. The likenesses are among Zhang’s best. She’s improving as an artist, and I think she has a special affinity for this Doctor. Something about his darkness, and his crags and curls, speaks to her special talent.

The only missing piece now is the 2015 companion piece with Clara on the cover. It’s not a priority, as I understand it has the same story inside as the Doctor cover, and given a choice I’d pick this one. Still, I’ll acquire it if I get a chance, as it’s equally gorgeous.

No new covers on the slate for Alice at the moment, but you can bet I’ll be keeping an eye out.


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