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Datum #1: Courtesy of tumblr (oh had I saved the original post) I find that Dean Devlin of Leverage and The Librarians is making a movie with David Tennant. (Devlin’s fanboy status is well known: I commented on The Librarians here, and here a fellow fan posts some samples from Leverage.) Squee ensues.

#2: Devlin likes filming in my city. Familiar landmarks turn up all over the place in his shows. Occasionally one may spot stars around town or be inconvenienced by location shooting.

#3: Devlin’s new movie – with David Tennant – will also be filmed in my city. David Tennant. My city.

Draw your own conclusions.


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Michelle Gomez is a wonder and a delight. Here, the Observer shares a few words:

Michelle, Master and Missy

I’ve seen Gomez on Green Wing and Gotham as well as DW. Every moment she’s on screen, no matter what she’s doing, it’s better than everything everyone else is doing combined. I hope to see her up against Capaldi’s Doctor again soon; there is no better match ever made on television. ❤


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I thought the Alice XZ images on the exclusive S9 steelbook were the same as the images on the 2015 SDCC exclusive comic.

They are not. One gorgeous Capaldi remains out of reach. 😦

SDCC exclusive covers (I have one):


Steelbook cover:


So close, and yet…

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It seems I neglected to write up our most recent meetup.

Nearly two months ago we gathered for “The Long Game” followed by “The Greatest Show in the Galaxy.” Husband and I skipped last month’s viewing of Doctor Who: The Movie; we have it on DVD, and neither the film nor the venue are favorites of mine. (The venue switched temporarily from my beloved nerdy, British-beer-serving fish and chip shop, probably due to severe crowding and service issues at the prior gathering.)

The venue’s issues failed to detract from my enjoyment of Rose’s first visit to Satellite 5. The episode of course features excellent guest stars: Simon Pegg is flawless and Christine Adams’ Cathica is a longtime favorite. (I squee’d when Adams appeared on Agents of SHIELD.) I love Rose’s character development in this ep, and the progression of her relationship with the Doctor. I love that Adam’s greed and self-centeredness actually cost him. More recent companions get away with all manner of misbehavior, but here Adam – and soon Rose, in the upcoming “Father’s Day” – suffer brutal consequences for their mistakes.

I’m not sure what led the organizer to choose “The Greatest Show in the Galaxy” as a companion piece. It was time for a Seventh Doctor outing; it’s possible he’s thrown connection out the window and just picked an ep he liked. This one is extremely strange. There were jokes about what happens when you “drop acid and make a TV show.” I’m sure it was all very characteristic of the 80’s. The first half is rambling and hard to follow. However, the resolution is classic Sylvester McCoy: he looks small and harmless, but you really don’t want to find yourself on his bad side.

Overall, in spite of the service issues and pseudo-drug flashbacks, the evening was a fun one.

Next week we’ll see “Father’s Day” and “The Enemy Within.” The first is an old favorite, written by the spectacular Paul Cornell.* The second is one of the lost serials recently found in Nigeria of all places; I haven’t seen it yet but have been looking forward to it for some time. Patrick Troughton plays the Doctor as well as the enemy, a performance I can’t wait to see. (Precursor to Matt Smith’s Cyberplanner perhaps?) The original venue has been restored, now that it’s (more than) warm enough to use the large rear patio and the service issues have hopefully been addressed.

DW, Boddington’s on tap, classic fish & chips. What could be better?


*Paul Cornell is also responsible for “Human Nature/Family of Blood” – both the Seventh Doctor novel and the S3 two-parter featuring Ten and Martha – the excellent Four Doctors comic series, the Shadow Police series of novels – some of the best urban fantasy of all time – and one of my favorite episodes of Elementary, as well as a plethora of Doctor Who novels, comics, and other things I haven’t read yet.

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It’s crazy how long it’s taken me to share this gem:


Yes, like a true obsessive I went on ebay and finally – finally! – acquired that Alice XZ 2015 SDCC exclusive – along with the 2016 as a bonus! And I didn’t pay an entirely stupid amount of money! (Moderately stupid, maybe, it’s a matter of opinion. Art has value.)

Both are gorgeous, and the stories inside are fun too. The likenesses are among Zhang’s best. She’s improving as an artist, and I think she has a special affinity for this Doctor. Something about his darkness, and his crags and curls, speaks to her special talent.

The only missing piece now is the 2015 companion piece with Clara on the cover. It’s not a priority, as I understand it has the same story inside as the Doctor cover, and given a choice I’d pick this one. Still, I’ll acquire it if I get a chance, as it’s equally gorgeous.

No new covers on the slate for Alice at the moment, but you can bet I’ll be keeping an eye out.

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Here are a few new S10 tidbits (and some old ones too):

DW News

Favorite bits include set photos – those clothes! that hat! – and confirmed premiere date of Spring 2017. Since I was resigned to wait for fall, spring is good news. Even if it’s still forever away…

The source document from DW TV has some better images and mentions that the episode being shot is Sarah Dollard’s.

Neither has anything firm on other writers, just Moffat’s usual obscure tease. I hope some of them are worth the hype.

Days to go: too many.

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