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“Doctor Who’s Day Roundup,” appearing every Tuesday on BBC America’s Anglophenia page, is always great fun, full of DW goodness from all over the web. It’s actually where I first learned of the Doctor Who Fan Orchestra, several years and 7 videos ago. This week features a ComicCon roundup, and especially John Barrowman:

John Barrowman Owns ComicCon

Plenty of other good stuff too, but once you’ve seen Squirrel Girl… well, that’s all you really need, isn’t it?


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John Barrowman never fails to make me smile. He exudes joy. I love a man who loves his life, who’s never gotten self-important, who just has fun and brings fun to whatever he does.

Here’s a bit of John in his own words: Letter to my Younger Self


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Mostly I don’t listen to the Moff but every once in a while – when he’s not trying to tease something upcoming – he’s got some fun insider tidbits to share. The article below is old, and the headline is bogus, but there’s some lovely stuff about John Hurt, a writer’s world, and Sylvester McCoy.

Behind the 50th


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How much do the creators of The Librarians love Doctor Who?

The Library has a Time Machine Room.

Watch and listen:

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