Mickey the (Amazing) Idiot   2 comments


“It’s like Stephen Hawking meets the speaking clock!”

Mickey might think he’s the tin dog, but in fact he’s the hero of his own story. From coward to champion, here are some things that make Mickey Smith great:

Mickey has one of the best character arcs of all time. When we first meet him, he wants nothing more out of life than to hang out with his girl and maybe watch a little football. Aliens – even human-looking ones – are too much for him. By the end of RTD’s era, he’s an experienced operative in Earth defense.

Mickey is smarter than he thinks. He saves the world by hacking a nuclear missile, and later saves another by hacking a Cyberman. He recognizes trouble at Deffry Vale and calls for backup. He knows when to stay behind in one world, and when he’s needed back in the other.

Mickey has a good heart. He defends Jackie with his life, even though she’s spent the last year making it miserable. He refuses to abandon his grandmother a second time. He forgives Rose the mess she left him in, and in the end, loves her enough to let her go.

Mickey takes good care of Martha. A lot of fans seem angry at the pairing, but to me it makes perfect sense. When you run with the Doctor, you can’t go back to life the way it was before. In each other Mickey and Martha find someone who understands. They share an experience, a heartbreak, and a commitment to protect their world from things no one else is willing to see.


“I once saved the universe in a biiiiiig yellow truck.”


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2 responses to “Mickey the (Amazing) Idiot

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  1. I liked Mickey too. He had among the best arcs of any companion. And he was a lucky man getting to shag Martha every day.

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