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A Boy and his Box   Leave a comment

I have been known to ponder what “The Doctor’s Wife” might have been without the romance angle. Of course we know that the Doctor would love his TARDIS whatever she looked like, and that their bond in fact has no sexual element to it, but deep platonic love is barely a thing on television today. Given that environment, how could such a relationship be effectively portrayed?

TNT’s The Librarians reveals all.

The Librarians has shown flickers of DW in the past. Its creators established their fanboy cred on Leverage, and the pilot of their newer show displayed some strong parallels. In the S2 episode “And the Hollow Men,” Librarian Flynn Carsen – a brilliant, well-traveled eccentric – meets someone who turns out to be his Library – his bigger-on-the-inside box of wonders – in human form.

Instead of a beautiful woman, the Library manifests itself in a large, sweaty, bearded man. Sexual chemistry is notably absent. However, the love between them, the shared adventures, the need each has for the other, all shine as brightly as the bond between the Doctor and his TARDIS. Flynn loves his Library, and his Library loves him back. He grieves at having to say goodbye so soon, but he’ll never forget – and never regret – the time when they talked.


“It’s sad when it’s over.”

Well done, Librarians, well done.


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She’s back!   Leave a comment

Sarah Dollard (among others) returns!

I am of course delighted by the news. “Face the Raven” was smart, wrenching, and beautiful, and I can’t wait to see what Dollard has on offer for S10.

I have less to say about the other bits included in the announcement. Matt Lucas was funny but not especially compelling. I don’t know Stephanie Hyam or Mike Bartlett. Cottrell-Boyce’s “Forest” was silly but sweet; I won’t mind more from him.

Here’s a little Pearl to help us with the waiting:

Mickey the (Amazing) Idiot   2 comments


“It’s like Stephen Hawking meets the speaking clock!”

Mickey might think he’s the tin dog, but in fact he’s the hero of his own story. From coward to champion, here are some things that make Mickey Smith great:

Mickey has one of the best character arcs of all time. When we first meet him, he wants nothing more out of life than to hang out with his girl and maybe watch a little football. Aliens – even human-looking ones – are too much for him. By the end of RTD’s era, he’s an experienced operative in Earth defense.

Mickey is smarter than he thinks. He saves the world by hacking a nuclear missile, and later saves another by hacking a Cyberman. He recognizes trouble at Deffry Vale and calls for backup. He knows when to stay behind in one world, and when he’s needed back in the other.

Mickey has a good heart. He defends Jackie with his life, even though she’s spent the last year making it miserable. He refuses to abandon his grandmother a second time. He forgives Rose the mess she left him in, and in the end, loves her enough to let her go.

Mickey takes good care of Martha. A lot of fans seem angry at the pairing, but to me it makes perfect sense. When you run with the Doctor, you can’t go back to life the way it was before. In each other Mickey and Martha find someone who understands. They share an experience, a heartbreak, and a commitment to protect their world from things no one else is willing to see.


“I once saved the universe in a biiiiiig yellow truck.”

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