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You’ve been warned.

One of my first reactions to Bill was “great hair!” This observation caught my attention because I’m not normally into hair. I haven’t jumped on David Tennant’s hair bandwagon, and Clara’s constant hair variation  in S8 mostly annoyed me. However, I do see the appeal of Capaldi’s curls. What is it about the Afro that works for me where the “sticky-uppy” look and elaborate Ren Faire ‘do don’t?

It might be the flat-haired longing for body and bounce. Or it might be nature-girl’s appreciation for an under-styled look. I don’t like hair gel; when other fangirls gush about touching Tennant’s hair, my reaction is one of mild revulsion. (Gooey or crunchy, either way ick!) I’m sure Capaldi and Mackie have some chemical assistance with their look, but both seem pleasantly uncomplicated.

There’s also a racial component to hair. Though I have not witnessed it, I understand that natural African hair has traditionally been discouraged in certain social and professional environments. People of African or Mediterranean descent have felt the need to flatten their hair or cut it short in order to be accepted into the dominant (white) culture. Bill rocking that Afro – and to a lesser degree, the Doctor’s Italian variant – feels like a step in the right direction. Pearl Mackie looks forward to seeing cosplayers take on the look; I love the idea that her portrayal could help people feel free to let their true self show.


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