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Probably everyone’s seen it by now, but just in case:

Official BBC Announcement

Mackie is a 28-year-old stage actor and children’s acting teacher. She apparently has minimal screen experience – which I like, I love it when they pick an unknown. She also has amazing hair.

It seems I’ve been out of the rumor loop: the last I heard was Rakhee Thrakar months ago, though a number of other names have come up since. I was intrigued by the possibilities Thrakar offered – favorite one-off companions have included Rita from “The God Complex” and Nasreen from “The Hungry Earth/Cold Blood” – but I have no complaints about Mackie. I’m very happy to have another woman of color in the role. I wouldn’t have minded someone a bit older, but at least she’s not 19. And an older companion may be a better match for a younger Doctor: can you imagine the Eleventh Doctor running around with Evelyne Smythe, or a less-vampy River Song?

So far we don’t know much about Bill*. She’s mouthy, full of questions, apparently fearless – in other words, excellent companion material. I look forward to getting to know her.


*I can’t help being reminded that “Bill” was David Tennant’s nickname for Billie Piper. Still love them… ❤


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