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The Doctor speaks   1 comment

I’ve been seeing bits of this interview all over the place, but I think this is the source:

Capaldi on Newsweek

Diversity makes the article’s┬áheadline. Doctor Who is absolutely a show of its time – whatever time that happens to be. Having a companion – and ultimately a Doctor – of color is critical to that expression. I heard a rumor about Rakhee Thakrar making the short list: I’d be thrilled with her, but I’ll be surprised if hers is the only name we hear in the long months ahead before anything becomes official.

(I still think longingly of Alexander Siddig in the Doctor’s role. If Capaldi’s successor isn’t a woman, then I hold out hope for him.)

Capaldi also expresses concern about the BBC’s treatment of its flagship show. Doctor Who does have legs of its own, of course, but even the strongest shows aren’t immune to network abuse. If the air time is constantly tugged around, pushed past the target audience’s bedtime, or otherwise made difficult to follow, eventually people will stop trying. Not everyone has BBC online.

And if all this is connected to the pulling of the show from streaming services? An attempt to use Doctor Who‘s popularity to push the BBC’s own streaming agenda? Then I can’t help but think the entire enterprise doomed to fail.

Finally, Capaldi touches on the possibility of his return for S11. Of course it would be awkward for him to say outright at this stage that he would or wouldn’t be back; suspense like that keeps fans hanging on through the long empty months. But maybe he’s telling the truth, and his mind has yet to be made up. In which case, I’ll be cheering for the persuasive abilities of Chris Chibnall.

Want more from the Doctor’s mouth? Check out The Fan Show‘s latest Doctor double-header: Draw My Life and Capaldi Talks. Enjoy!


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The Dead and the Demons   Leave a comment

Our latest meetup featured “The Unquiet Dead” and “The King’s Demons.”

“Dead” is one of my favorites, particularly among Gatiss’s eps, and the reason is Christopher Eccleston’s face. The way he lights up at the sound of screams; gushes with delight over meeting Charles Dickens; beams with pride as Rose takes down the feckless Mr. Sneed. The tenderness in his smile when he tells her he’s glad he met her. Much as I adore Capaldi’s Doctor, Nine is still the Doctor of my heart.

Rose, Gwyneth, and Mr. Dickens are pretty spectacular too.

“Demons” was chosen as one of the Fifth Doctor’s few historicals. (Not only – “The Visitation” takes place not too many centuries later in nearly the same setting.) It features the Master and introduces Kamelion. The story is less than engaging, particularly compared with “Masque of Mandragora.” Ainley chews all the scenery in sight, Tegan is cheerless and Turlough inoffensive. The fake John is king of over-actors everywhere. I wonder if Five’s swordfighting scene influenced Ten’s two decades later: the similarities were striking.

We capped off the night with a short documentary about the utter failure that was Kamelion. Peter Davison and Eric Saward are hilarious in their disrespect. Nicola Bryant is sweet, but some things can’t be sugar coated. The robot was exactly what one would expect of low-budget 80’s sci fi: a disaster in every way. Still, they tried. And finally someone made K9 look good.

Overall, it was a fun night. Next time we’ll see the Slitheen two-parter, possibly accompanied by some short feature or other, and after that, a Dalek doubleheader. I look forward to Six’s encounter.

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