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My husband and I recently discovered a Doctor Who meetup in our area.

I’ve been hosting occasional Doctor Who nights at home, but the friend I was hosting them for moved away, and too often it’s ended up being just one or two of us. When the group announced a screening of “Rose” and “Spearhead from Space,” I was excited by the prospect of watching my show with a whole roomful of fellow fans. I was excited by the choice of episodes: new Doctors, new companions, new eras – “Spearhead” was the first color episode – linked by the Autons. I was excited by the location, a local DW-themed bar where I’ve enjoyed nerdery paired with proper fish-and-chips and British beer on many prior occasions.

Unfortunately, the meetup sprang from a group of MST-3K fans, and it showed. The catcalls began with Mickey’s first appearance and grew steadily louder as the drink flowed and the production values went backwards in time. Much of “Spearhead” was impossible to hear. (Fortunately I’d seen it before.) Instead of feeling included, I felt even more outcast: a fan among fans, and still the only one who actually wanted to watch.

I didn’t fit in with the group members I managed to talk to, either. One was an older man who assumed I knew less than him, and who considers Eleven the best Doctor: in other words, an overgrown twelve-year-old. The other was a pleasant enough woman, but her priorities seemed to be shots and Star Trek, with DW as a distant third. Nice people, but not what I was hoping for. Back in November I went to a screening of “Genesis of the Daleks” in an old-style movie theater with a hundred or more people in the audience, many of them in costume. Those people watched with love, and a few unavoidable giggles, and I felt much more at home in that much larger crowd.

Still, I’ll probably go back. Seeing my show on a big screen with a Boddingtons and proper English chips is too much to pass up. I do enjoy meeting other nerds, even if I don’t click with them right away. I’ll just make sure I’ve seen the eps before, so I don’t miss anything when the booze gets too much for my fellow fans.

I’ll also see about planning another DW night at home. A few of my friends should see “Spearhead…” and maybe “Rose” again as well. šŸ™‚


Posted January 23, 2016 by Elisabeth in Events, Fandom

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