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It goes without saying…



No really. Read no further.


“Grrr, spoilers!”

So Clara isn’t dead (yet) after all. Can we really be surprised?

Personally, I can’t be disappointed either, that Moffat is true to form. There’s nothing better than Clara and Lady Me traveling the universe in their very own TARDIS. There’s nothing like the Doctor getting a taste of his own medicine. And there’s nothing in this world better than Peter Capaldi.


“It’s called ‘Clara?'”

This man broke my heart.

I love how much history we get in this story. The half-mad young Doctor, the classic TARDIS, all the bits and bobs of Gallifrey, right down to the weaponized spoon. Moffat has never tied his loose ends up so beautifully; even when things didn’t quite make sense, I was far too engaged to care. Series 9 has been spectacular all the way, and this episode concludes it with perfection.

Is it better than S1?

The first season of New Who has always hands down been my favorite. It’s full of fun and great stories and there isn’t a turkey among them. Russell Davies’ goofy charm ran exactly to my taste. However, I do think the writing this season has gone to a new level. Moffat has been trying for years to reach this peak; after four seasons of false starts and flashes in the pan, it seems he’s finally made it.

Further nerdery:

Check out 10 things you probably didn’t know about this week’s episode. This time I knew almost all of them.

Now, onward to Christmas and the return of River Song!


“Spoilers you wouldn’t believe, sweetie!”


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