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‘Sleep No More’

Every once in a while, Doctor Who does something completely different.

I for one thoroughly enjoyed this week’s contribution by Mark Gatiss. This relentlessly paced, claustrophobic adventure is Gatiss’ first trip to the future, and the result is one of his best. “Mr. Sandman” has never been creepier. Doctor Who has a longstanding tradition of turning ordinary things evil; I wonder if young fans now find themselves afraid of sleep?

I like that we don’t really know what’s going on in this episode. Getting only crumbs of the adventure makes it more fascinating. Who is Rassmussen really? Are we now all infected with sleep monsters? Is that what’s going on with Rigsy? I understood that all stories were to be two-parters, but this one feels like it might be a bit of a stretch. Can the death of sleep really take over the universe?

It doesn’t matter, because next week is Sarah Dollard and Rigsy. I’m massively looking forward to it.


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3 responses to “Perchance to dream…

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  1. I’m a fan and not a young one. Took me two days to get that song out of my head, and every time I heard it, I would freak out about eye crusts. Today, the song came on the radio while I was driving, I couldn’t help it — I checked my eyes even though I hadn’t been asleep for hours LOL

    BTW: I think you’re the first person who didn’t hate this episode.

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    • I expect I’ll have a similar reaction next time I hear that song out in the wild.

      Many people don’t like it when the show veers outside the norm. Everyone hated ‘Love and Monsters,’ but it’s one of my favorites. Takes all kinds I guess. 🙂


      • I like out of the norm. “Love and Monsters” was a good episode, I just didn’t like the monster (until I found out a child won a contest) and I wasn’t a fan of the ending (implying sexual relations with a tile). Everything else was perfect, IMHO

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