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It’s impossible not to make a pun about Zygons.

I wrote a whole post about ‘Invasion’ last week, but I didn’t have my computer so I put it on paper and never managed to put the two together and post the thing. So we’re just getting Part 2.

You know the drill:



I wasn’t impressed with Harness in part 1. His politics were heavy-handed and his characterizations weak at best. I get that Clara was actually a Zygon, so her weirdness was appropriate – and no, I wasn’t surprised by the reveal – but the Doctor’s behavior at Fake-istan was not remotely in character. ‘Kill the Moon’ was marred by characters doing things they would never do, and this was another example.

Part 2 is vastly improved – terrifyingly, by the addition of Moffat. He’s great at the speeches and the surprises and he pulled out both in this ep. I enjoyed the “five rounds rapid” – I’ve said before, I adore any nod to the Brigadier, no matter how cheesy. I also appreciate that Kate can get herself out of a jam without backup just fine thank you very much.

The speech is a spectacular one. I had a very odd personal experience years ago that has me relate to it very strongly: I was at the veterinarian’s office, of all places, picking up a prescription for my dog, when the Sikh doctor randomly started telling me about the Pakistanis who killed his grandparents and how if he ever met a Pakistani – any Pakistani – he would kill them. A comfortably well-off man living safely in Southern California, his home and family unthreatened, would resort to violence over a years-old crime – and not even against the original perpetrators. Continued retaliation for continued offenses will never end, because someone always hurt someone somewhere – until one party takes the high road. While I found the politics in part 1 to be beaten rather to death, this speech rode the line between timeliness and soapboxing just perfectly – and I think it would be very difficult to disagree with its intent.

I love that Bonnie became Osgood 2a – she was right, it would have been odd to keep Clara’s face, and now that she has intimate knowledge of Osgood’s function, who better to take her right hand. Ms. Oliver mentioned that “keen-eyed viewers” would be able to tell which Osgood was which, which is going to make a second viewing a very intense affair. Much has been made of Osgood’s function as the “new UNIT,” the new Benton and Yates, someone the Doctor can always return to, and I hope we’ll see her many times in the future.

At least twelve, so she can round out her cosplay collection.

I expect I’ll recover my handwritten notes at some point, at which time I may have something to add, but in the meantime I’m looking forward to Mark Gatiss’s first foray into the future, with ‘Sleep No More.’

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  1. “‘Kill the Moon’ was marred by characters doing things they would never do, and this was another example.” I thought all of the characters were acting as they normally would, other than Clara, obviously. The Doctor, despite everything, cannot really accept losing another companion, especially not to death, so he seems to act as though he believes it, but supplies false information to anyone who claims they’ve killed or harmed Clara, and I don’t see that as out of character, IMHO. Please correct me if I’ve totally missed the point.


  2. The scene in the fake terrorist country was out of character for the Doctor. After bawling Kate out about bombing things, he stands back watching as the weapon is aimed and nearly fired. He lets soldiers take charge as he blunders around the town – watching, barely participating as the plan goes straight to hell. Why wasn’t he yelling at that woman to stop BEFORE she saw her family waving from the ground? Why wasn’t he kicking in the church’s back door while the soldiers provided their distraction at the front? That was the whole point of the exercise, wasn’t it? That scene made me think the Doctor was a Zygon as well, until he found Osgood and was more or less restored to himself.

    I also don’t think Kate would have gone to New Mexico alone. She’s an important person with a huge staff, and there’s just no reason for it.

    I may find and post my original comments eventually, where I discuss the problem in more detail.


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