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This interview with Katy Manning is a few years old, but it’s every bit as delightful as she is.

I may have mentioned before, Jo Grant is my favorite classic companion. In spite of her reputation as a scatterbrain, she was competent in her own way, courageous as anything, fiercely loyal, irrepressible, and generally a delight to be with. A quintessential companion, she was the perfect complement to Pertwee’s dashing Doctor, ready to give her life for him and his work without reservation. The actress herself is no less charming. I posted before about our enchanting encounter at Anglicon; when someone described her recently as “human sunshine,” I found it the comparison most apt. Nothing could bring Jo Grant down, and nothing stifles Katy Manning either.

She returned briefly to the world of modern DW with Matt Smith and Elisabeth Sladen on The Sarah Jane Adventures. I’d love to see her on the show proper; I’m sure Peter Capaldi’s Doctor could show her an adventure worthy of Jo Grant.

"Hang on tight, Jo!"

“Hang on tight, Jo!”


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