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I’ve said this in a number of ways in a number of places on this blog, but Missy sums it up more succinctly and effectively than I ever could:


from Things Fangirls Say

The Doctor isn’t human. He doesn’t think human; he doesn’t act human. He often appears human, and he’s spent enough time among us to pick up a few of our ways, but the fact remains that he isn’t one of us. Matt Smith forgot this; his Doctor was a flirt and a player. The Tenth Doctor’s fangirls forgot too: his charm made his alienness easy to ignore.

It’s interesting how hyper-aware Moffat seems of his fans. People adored the romance of the Tenth Doctor’s era, and Moffat cranked it up to eleven. People wearied of Eleven’s libidinous ways, and Moffat retracted them most vehemently. It’s fascinating to watch ideas leap from Tumblr to canon and back again, fast enough to leave you dizzy sometimes. It’s television for the 21st century, where artist and audience give and take like co-creators. Time will tell if it’s a good thing.

Also, Michelle Gomez is magic. I adore her.


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