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The return of River Song


I have very mixed feelings about this. On the one hand, Alex Kingston is a goddess. River + Twelve promises to be a sizzling combination. On the other hand, I despised her entire post-Library storyline. After ‘The Name of the Doctor’ I really felt it was time to let her go. Can Peter Capaldi save this relationship? Can Moffat make her great again?

It’s probably too much to hope for. Still, it should be fun, and I’m intrigued by the promised “surprise guest castings.”


4 responses to “Spoilers, Sweetie

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  1. Question: You said, “I despised her entire post-Library storyline”, and this could mean two different things.
    1) Everything after the episode with David Tennant’s Doctor in the Library, including everything with Matt Smith
    2) Her story line after her Death in the Library (which is pretty much limited to the apparition scenes on Trenzalore)
    Which one do you mean?


    • Ha! Good point.
      I don’t like her S5-6 arc. I loved the intelligent, sassy, self-determined woman we met in the Library; I didn’t like the femme fatale brainwashed assassin. I think that by intertwining her fate with the Doctor’s – effectively slaving her story to his – Moffat undercut a great character.
      Search River on this blog; I’ve said rather a lot on the topic.
      Thanks for your comments!


      • She became the self-determined woman in the library because her fate is intertwined with the Doctor. She’s his wife, and his companion’s daughter. I loved the way the two intertwined because it was so specific, yet felt kind of random — like neither of them knew when they were really going to see each other next. And I also like that they stated that the Doctor and her had a relationship outside of what we saw on screen; specifically, in Demon’s Run, when she is breaking back into the jail and she said that the Doctor took her out. It made the character more fleshed out and less…. plot-line oriented; if that makes sense…


      • BTW: I have run the search on your site…and WOW. I think it might take me some time LOL


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