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I did have one further meta-ish thought about this episode. There is a moment where Danny tells Clara he’s not stupid, the same way she told the Doctor, and a parallel begins to emerge – a parallel that is touched on repeatedly during the season.

Clara is becoming the Doctor.

Rose became the Doctor briefly on several occasions during her run. She refused to give up on him in ‘Parting of the Ways,’ to the point of becoming all-powerful, trading her life for his, saving the human race and her friends at the cost of herself. In ‘The Christmas Invasion,’ she took on his courage in the face of the enemy when all else was lost. “They’ll kill you,” Mickey argued, when she stepped up to speak for humanity before the Sycorax. “Someone’s got to be the Doctor,” she said. “Never stopped him.”

Clara takes on somewhat different aspects of the Doctor’s character: his brilliance, his superiority, his command. She leads an army in ‘Nightmare in Silver,’ gives up everything to save a child in the ‘Rings of Akhaten,’ treats the universe with casual fearlessness, and now, keeps her companion in the dark to both their detriment.

It doesn’t work for her any better than it does for the Doctor.

I look forward to re-watching ‘Flatline,’ where she takes on the Doctor’s entire role, and ‘Dark Water/Death in Heaven,’ where she briefly assumes his identity.

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