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‘Robot of Sherwood’ holds up brilliantly.

I didn’t recall it as one of the better episodes, being a little bit too silly, but I did recall enjoying it. If anything I enjoyed it more this time around. The Doctor’s childishness is over the top, but perfectly so. Robin’s perfection is perfectly too perfect. Clara goes full fangirl, cosplay and all. It’s brilliant, it’s ridiculous, and it’s fun.

I have a lot of favorite bits. The Doctor fighting with a spoon, and cheating at archery. Clara being the ringleader. Robin using the Doctor’s trick against the enemy. Everyone working together to save the day. Patrick Troughton’s tiny cameo. Clara’s hair. Fictional characters arguing over who is real.

But the best bit, of course, is the meta: “History is a burden. Stories can make us fly.”

Bravo, Mr. Gatiss.


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Posted August 4, 2015 by Elisabeth in Season 8, The Great Re-Watch

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