Ladies of DW Strike Again!   Leave a comment

Jane Tranter and Julie Gardner launch their next joint venture:

Bad Wolf

Two-thirds of the team that brought DW back in 2005 are working together to make more awesome TV and bring more TV business to Wales. In choosing the name for their company, they align themselves with a woman who can make anything happen. They align themselves with the series they were instrumental in resurrecting. They are nerds and badasses all at once.

Somewhere on DVD there’s a special feature with Russell and Jane sharing the story behind the relaunch. If I recall correctly, the two share their passionate fandom for the classic show. Bringing it back was Russell’s dream, though he didn’t think it was possible. Jane was the bulldog that pushed and pushed until the pieces began to fall into place.

Time to find that piece of video. Time to re-read Doctor Who: The Inside Story. There’s so much good stuff out there.


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