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I has it.

For $10 at a video store liquidation sale, no less! I love my DVDs but I especially love them cheap. My husband scored this plus a half-dozen classic serials and a handful of other things – probably 20 discs in all – for less than $50. That’s collecting at its best.

We have been planning to rewatch S8 for a while. One of the things that’s been holding me up is that my video file of ‘Deep Breath’ has become corrupted somehow – it’s still watchable, but won’t stream to my TV. We’d have to watch it on the computer, a smaller screen and a less comfortable seat. Now I have the DVD – which of course I planned to acquire eventually anyway – we don’t have to deal with that. We can just pop in the disc.

Not only that, but the DVD set is full of special features. All the behind-the-scenes and exclusive featurettes we watched on YouTube as the series aired are collected here. ‘The Ultimate Time Lord’ and ‘The Ultimate Companion,’ Peter Davison-hosted specials I’ve been wanting to watch for ages, are here. But the thing I made my husband sit down and watch last night was ‘Doctor Who: Earth Conquest.’

‘Earth Conquest’ is a ‘DW Confidential’-style documentary of the world tour leading up to the premiere of ‘Deep Breath.’ The cast traveled to seven cities on five continents for special screenings of the episode, meeting fans in the usual places – Cardiff, London, New York – as well as more out-of-the-way stretches of the world. In a big way, the special is about the fans.

In Cardiff and London, we learn the origins of S8’s fanmade opening titles. We catch glimpses of gorgeously made fan video. We meet the Doctor Who Fan Orchestra (of which I am a member – and yes, I appear in one of the clips shown!) We travel with the Doctor and Clara to South Korea – where people cosplay and squee and adore this show as much as anywhere, in spite of the language and cultural barriers in their way. Here we get a hint of how universal the Doctor’s adventures really are.

In Australia the cast is greeted at the airport by screaming fans. They give interviews to Australian radio and TV programs. We meet a stand-up comic who makes his living as a fan. In New York we meet artist Alice XZ and the creator of the Doctor Puppet. In Mexico, a mariachi band plays an original song about “Doctor Misterio.” In Brazil, as Capaldi and Coleman recover from their whirlwind 12-day tour, they consider the passion and adoration their characters inspire around the world and back again.

They are awed. As are we.

Fandom is an amazing thing. Doctor Who inspires creativity and imagination like nothing else on earth. The cast and crew know that; they ARE that. ‘Earth Conquest’ shares their appreciation with the world.


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