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Is Doctor Who a victim of its own success?

Series 1 is far and away the best of New Who. This article explores some possible reasons why.


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Alice XZ Strikes Again!   Leave a comment

The Eighth Doctor, coming to a comic shop near you.

This is one of her best yet. If we’re lucky, she’ll do two covers like she has for each of the other Doctors, and my collection will be even more awesome.

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I’ve mentioned before that the fandom has always been divisive. Here’s the evidence I couldn’t find at the time:

Fan letters via tumblr, origin unclear

This link suggests the Radio Times is the source.

The letters were posted following Patrick Troughton’s succession to the role. They hit all the marks: Angry fan loves the change. Angry fan hates the change. Happy fan loves everything.

I enjoy being fan #3. 🙂

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Go figure.

The linked blog points out where ‘The Shakespeare Code’ was right while so many other period pieces are wrong: Black people existed in Elizabethan England. The episode includes this exchange:

MARTHA: Oh, but hold on. Am I all right? I’m not going to get carted off as a slave, am I?
DOCTOR: Why would they do that?
MARTHA: Not exactly white, in case you haven’t noticed.
DOCTOR: I’m not even human. Just walk about like you own the place. Works for me. Besides, you’d be surprised. Elizabethan England, not so different from your time.

When I first thought about this ep, his comment struck me as an expression of privilege: a white man can walk about like he owns the place just fine, while others maybe not so much. However, the blog claims he has a point.

“Africans can be found in the parish registers, tax returns, court records and letters of Elizabethan London. There was no law of slavery in England. Furthermore, Africans were paid wages, baptised, married, allowed to testify in court: all indicators of freedom. In 1587, Portuguese physician Hector Nunes admitted to the Court of Requests that he had: ‘no remedie…by the course of the Common Law of this realme… to compell’ an ‘Ethiopian’ who ‘utterly refuseth to tarry and serve’ him ‘to serve him duringe his life.'”

And there you have it. Doctor Who gets it right after all.

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Jane Tranter and Julie Gardner launch their next joint venture:

Bad Wolf

Two-thirds of the team that brought DW back in 2005 are working together to make more awesome TV and bring more TV business to Wales. In choosing the name for their company, they align themselves with a woman who can make anything happen. They align themselves with the series they were instrumental in resurrecting. They are nerds and badasses all at once.

Somewhere on DVD there’s a special feature with Russell and Jane sharing the story behind the relaunch. If I recall correctly, the two share their passionate fandom for the classic show. Bringing it back was Russell’s dream, though he didn’t think it was possible. Jane was the bulldog that pushed and pushed until the pieces began to fall into place.

Time to find that piece of video. Time to re-read Doctor Who: The Inside Story. There’s so much good stuff out there.

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If you haven’t seen this docu-drama by uber-fan Mark Gatiss, go see it now.

The movie is Gatiss’ love letter to the show, as well as an overview for the uninitiated into its beginnings. While neither entirely thorough nor entirely accurate – key word docu-DRAMA – this fictionalized account still captures much of what made Doctor Who special – and what made it happen. Beautifully written, shot, and acted, it’s also an entertaining and moving piece of film. David Bradley plays the crotchety William Hartnell with all the acerbity and charm of the original. Jessica Raine makes a lovely – too lovely, some say – Verity Lambert, and Brian Cox and Sacha Dhawan capture Sydney Newman and Waris Hussein with perfection.

You will laugh. You will cry. And the Tenth Doctor’s most famous phrase will break your heart in whole new ways.

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Apparently our Mr. Capaldi met some new/old friends at Comic-Con:

Capaldi + Pertwee

Yes, not only are Twelve and Three Junior together at last, but the current Doctor also met the latest incarnation of the original Doctor in the form of David Bradley – who played Mr. Hartnell in Gatiss’s ‘An Adventure in Space and Time.’

Visit Kasterborous for more photos, story, and video.

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