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For the uninitiated, Pedalpalooza is a loosely organized period of bike fun that takes place each June in Portland, Oregon. Group rides of all types take place each day for 3+ weeks: Kilted Ride, Urban Art Ride, Solstice Ride, to name but a few. For the last 5 years we have participated in the Time Travelers’ Ride, formerly known as the Doctor Who Ride, and this year was no different.

As promised, a few photos:



It was 95 degrees yesterday evening, so hardly anyone was in costume. The Dalek dress, however, was just the thing. With some creative use of kitchen implements, my bike and I became an exterminating machine.

Traveling through Time Portals

Traveling through Time Portals

Taking over the TARDIS

Taking over the TARDIS

The TARDIS is actually a free library set up in someone’s parking strip.

The ride finished up at the Pub at the End of the Universe, which had lovely outdoor seating and also beer. There was no trivia this year – it was not a DW exclusive event, and also I think they were tired of me winning – so we got to hang out with the trivia master instead, which was really more fun. As always, everyone had a great time.

Nerdery plus bikes equals win!

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