How I know it’s my birthday   Leave a comment

First, my cake-making co-worker veers from tradition:

Adipose marshmallows, home made Jammie Dodgers, bananas (always) and "free boutonnieres."

Adipose marshmallows, home made Jammie Dodgers, bananas (always) and “free boutonnieres.”

Second, a new surprise from the BBC: Rigsy Returns!

Obviously the significant part of that piece is not the return of Joivan Wade as Rigsy. Nothing against Rigsy of course; I thought at the time he was a great character with a lot of potential, and I’m delighted to have him back. But the significant part is actually the very last item of the headline: “Written by Sarah Dollard.”

Dollard becomes the third woman to write for the modern era, and the sixth of all time. She’s also the second to write for S9 – a feat I’m not sure any other season has accomplished. Her writing credits include the Australian series Neighbors, a few bits and bobs for Toby Whithouse’s Being Human, two episodes of The Game, and an original Welsh romantic comedy series called Cara Fi, which she also produced. She served as script editor for Primeval and Merlin. She’s crammed quite a lot of television into a relatively short career so far, and she’s of course over the moon about taking on Doctor Who.

The teases keep coming, and I’m on the edge of my seat already for S9.

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