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Also today, this glorious thing went up: Pedalpalooza Time Travelers’ Ride

The ride, formerly known as the Doctor Who Ride, is now in its fifth year. My husband and I have attended each. Three of those years – maybe four? – we have also won the trivia contest at the end. The first year, I found myself a flag tee and went as Rose Tyler:

With dashing ginger Ninth Doctor, since dropped off the planet. (Regenerated, maybe?)

With dashing ginger Ninth Doctor, since dropped off the planet. (Regenerated, maybe?)

The second year I played the TARDIS, complete with helmet light and swirling vortex, formed from a chiffon veil left over from my bellydance days. I am sadly without a photo of that, at least on this computer.

For two years following I dressed as the Fifth Doctor, the youngest before Matt Smith and only blond Doctor so far. Normally I wouldn’t repeat costumes, but I’d made some changes, including a fabulous celery pin with its very own story…

With dashing 2nd and 3rd Doctors, and props

With dashing 2nd and 3rd Doctors, and guest

That’s with the original ‘real’ celery, which completely didn’t work. (It wilted really fast.) Following this event, I searched for a celery pin – any celery pin – on that wellspring of nerdery, etsy. To my very great surprise, I found nothing. I have no creative skills myself, and was temporarily at a loss, until I recalled the beaded-fabric flower jewelry of my old friend Kelly. I then emailed Kelly with my rather odd request, leaving her somewhat baffled. Her husband explained, and I sent reference photos; she then became very excited about the prospect, and delivered me this wonderful thing:

Beaded Celery by Paint Fabric Whimsy

Even better, once she put the thing online she began to sell it to other nerds – one of whom reportedly went so far as to get it signed by Fifth Doctor Peter Davison himself! She’s sold quite a number by now, and I can’t help feeling a little pride in my inspiration – not to mention her amazing skill! As a bonus, one of her daughters is now a fangirl as well. It’s contagious!

I don’t yet know what I’ll wear this year. We had discussed a Third Doctor team costume, with myself as Liz Shaw, my husband as Three, and one of our friends as the Brigadier. But after 3 rides and 3 cons my other half is wearying of his Third Doctor routine, and the friend in question may or may not still be on board, so I may do something else instead. Maybe Nine…

I will be sure to post photos, in any case.


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