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Chaotic good is one of a set of nine possible character alignments created for D&D. The system aligns characters by morals and ethics: good vs. evil, order vs. chaos, with neutral in the middle. A chaotic good character is guided by conscience rather than statute. They want to do what’s right, without regard for what’s legal.

I’m sensing a theme among my favorites:

Emphasis on 'chaotic'

Emphasis on ‘chaotic’

The Doctor has little regard for the laws of the lands he visits. He has his own moral compass from which he rarely strays. Commanded by the Time Lords – and begged by his friends – to destroy the Daleks before they can grow into their evil, he asks, “Have I the right?” He’s been chased by the police countless times. He considers a ‘Do Not Enter’ sign an invitation. He’s not big on rules and firmly opposed to being told what to do.

Wants to be Lawful Good

Wants to be Lawful Good

Matt Murdock would prefer to work within the system; that’s why he became a lawyer after all. However, he knows that the law is imperfect. It doesn’t always serve justice. That’s why he also became the vigilante Daredevil. By night he breaks the law he swears by day to uphold, but he does it in service of good.

Bruce Wayne/Batman also fits much of this description.

“I aim to misbehave.”

Not much explanation is required for Malcolm Reynolds. He is an outlaw who cheats and steals for a living. However he also has a strong sense of right and wrong. He refuses to steal medicine from poor people, regardless of how rich or dangerous his employer. He can’t put River off the ship when she gets in trouble. He looks after his friends, and his fellow Browncoats – or anyone who opposes the Alliance.

Han Solo is a similar character.

What is it that’s appealing about these characters? As a timid person, I admire their independence. I lack the audacity to throw caution to the wind. I do, no matter how I try not to, worry about what others think. Spending time with these characters gives me a taste of freedom – and if I’m lucky, a little of their courage will rub off as well.

In the Doctor’s case, there’s always the bonus of something really weird and unexpected happening along the way. 🙂


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