‘Smith and Jones’ and the problem with Martha   Leave a comment

I found a website of DW transcripts. You have been warned.

I previously discussed the problem with Martha here. Now we have the actual lines I referred to, with commentary:

DOCTOR: Just one trip to say thanks. You get one trip, then back home. I’d rather be on my own.
MARTHA: You’re the one that kissed me.
DOCTOR: That was a genetic transfer. (1)
MARTHA: And if you will wear a tight suit. (Clothes do not equal consent.)
DOCTOR: Now, don’t! (2)
MARTHA: And then travel all the way across the universe just to ask me on a date. (Ego much?)
DOCTOR: Stop it. (3)
MARTHA: For the record? I’m not remotely interested. I only go for humans.

The Doctor says no THREE TIMES. And if she’s not openly lying in that last line, she’s at least deceiving herself. In many ways Martha is a great companion: intelligent, adventurous, good-humored, and just a little bit bad-ass. Unfortunately, instead of building a real friendship with this strange new traveling companion, she spends her time in pining and denial.

There is no foundation for a romantic relationship between them. There IS no romantic relationship between them. Martha’s obsession with this non-existent romantic potential – and her groundless jealousy of Rose – prevents her from becoming a real friend.*

That’s her tragedy, and an injustice to her fans.

* I know the Doctor calls her his friend, and she acts like his friend here and there. In my opinion it’s a failure of the writing, to tell us these two are friends while showing us nothing. Rose spoiled us with her character development; we’ve had nothing like it since.


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