The Stowaway   Leave a comment

Once I found a stowaway
Upon my ship on Christmas Day
I was fair so I gave him a chance
“You shouldn’t be here, what’s your tale?
I ought to throw you to the whale,”
He just smiled and said, “Come here, let’s dance…”

So the Tenth Doctor charmed Astrid Peth, ill-fated serving girl aboard the Starship Titanic. She dreamed of seeing the Universe, but not like this. Not as servant to the posh and unpleasant, always wearing a smile in spite of their treatment of her, and hardly getting more than a glance through the window. But this handsome stranger wasn’t one of them. When he looked at her, she could believe he actually saw her, and he spoke to her as a fellow conspirator rather than mere staff. She didn’t know a thing about him; he could have been an escaped criminal, a murderer, a terrorist bent on destruction, and she still wouldn’t have cared. His smile snared her heart, and she could no more have turned him in than flung herself off the deck into space.

He told me of his girl back home
waiting patient all alone
As we danced I shed a little tear
He closed his eyes, all out to sea
I think he danced with her, not me
I’ll just have to wait another year

In him she sensed a fellow romantic. Together they yearned for what could not be: he for his lost love, she for the love yet to be found, each equally impossibly far away. She couldn’t be that love for him, nor he for her, but she could help him carry the burden. She could take away some of his loneliness and pain, if only for a while.

I think of him now and again
I wonder how his journey ends
As I sail upon my lonesome sea
The stranger with the haunting face
Here, then gone without a trace
Lying with his love, that’s where he’ll be

Astrid didn’t live to say goodbye. Instead, she drifted out among the stars, another speck of dust in the void. But in her last thought of him she wished for him to find what it was he sought, to have happiness again, to make her sacrifice worthwhile.

Beg, borrow, or steal, I’ll find a way
to be with my lover upon Christmas Day
and I’ll run and I’ll roam, I’ll cover the ground
Next Christmas I’ll see you, I’ll be around.

She would find the love she longed for. And someday, somehow, she would see the Doctor again.

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