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The things I think of, sometimes.

First: Moffat. The annoying thing about being a broad-minded and undogmatic person is that I find myself wanting to defend Moffat, whom I do not like, because the hate out there is so strong it even has otherwise rational people seeing the worst in everything. Example: Moffat says that Clara doesn’t see herself as the ‘junior member’ of the partnership. Fans HEAR: Moffat thinks Rose/Amy/their favorite companion IS the junior member. Moffat says good on E.L. James for turning her fandom into something; fans HEAR that Moffat thinks 50 Shades is great. I don’t want to have to tell them how wrong they are, because I don’t like Moffat and don’t want to defend him, but at the same time they are being ridiculous. I’ve said it before; Moffat is a writer, and a supernerd, and as such would be expected to misspeak at every opportunity. Instead, he actually does very well a lot of the time, and still people make the worst of it. If he does say something cringeworthy, then we’ve got no leg left to stand on, because he’s already been destroyed for something innocent. The anti-Moffat fandom risks self-defeat.

Honestly, though, I shouldn’t be surprised. The fandom has been divisive since forever.

Second: Russell. The delightful Russell T. Davies was interviewed on Fresh Air, where they refer to him as ‘Russell Davis’ and he does not correct them. I could honestly listen to this man talk about anything, forever. Everything he says and does is infused with such joy and energy; I just want to be around him all the time. I commented once that what I like about RTD is his ‘lunatic, co-conspiratorial delight’ when talking about DW. I still think that’s the most descriptive and accurate thing I’ve ever written.

Interested parties can find the interview here. But be warned: it’s not about Doctor Who.

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