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Along with the Mathieson/Treganna tidbit of the other day, we now have a third non-Moffat contributor for S9: Toby Whithouse.

I’ve written about Whithouse before. I’ve been generally happy with his contributions to both Doctor Who and Torchwood, Amy’s about face in ‘The God Complex’ notwithstanding. For S9 he’ll have an as-yet-unnamed two-parter.

A few of his favorite themes:

  • ‘School Reunion:’ Sarah Jane and the Doctor confront missed opportunities. Rose and Mickey accept new risks.
  • ‘The Vampires of Venice:’ Having lost her homeworld, Rosanna Calvierri struggles to save her family at any cost.
  • ‘The God Complex:’ Everyone faces their greatest fear.
  • ‘A Town Called Mercy:’ Two Doctors balance the good they’ve done against the evil. One comes up short.
  • ‘Torchwood: Greeks Bearing Gifts:’ Tosh thinks she’s found love, but really she only discovers deception.

A good collection of interesting ideas, fairly well executed. I look forward to his upcoming contributions.


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