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via Tumblr: Maisie Williams to guest star on Doctor Who

There are a few awesome tidbits in this post. First of all, the formidable Arya Stark will come face to face with the Doctor. Not as herself of course; we get no hints as to Williams’ role, and if we did they’d only be spoilers. Instead, we look forward with anticipation to her appearance.

Second, a couple of episode titles and associated writers are mentioned. I don’t know if a full S9 list has come out yet; last I heard of any writers was only rumor. Here, though, a couple are confirmed:

  • Jamie Mathieson of the spectacular ‘Mummy on the Orient Express’ and ‘Flatline’ will be returning. I’m thrilled to get more from him; less thrilled that he’ll be sharing credit with the Moff and that the title is so lame, but we can’t have everything.
  • Catherine Treganna, who wrote two of my favorite episodes of Torchwood, is confirmed. The rumors of a first-since-2008 and fifth-in-history female writer I met with optimistic skepticism, but now we know it’s for real. Treganna’s story is also rather weakly named, but if she brings to it the heart of ‘Out of Time’ and ‘Captain Jack Harkness’ then we can’t lose.

In the absence of other information, I hold out hope that Treganna – or another woman – may have a second episode upcoming this season.

Finally, the post mentions that both Mathieson’s and Treganna’s episodes are period stories. That could mean anything, but usually refers to Europe of the last millennium. Everyone loves Victorian stories, which also offer the opportunity to bring in the Paternoster gang; however, we’ve had quite a few of these lately, and something different might be nice. A large branch of the fandom is clamoring for a Jane Austen episode; following Agatha Christie in S4, Shakespeare in S2, and Charles Dickens in S1, there’s really no reason why not. Mary Shelley might be another fun one. Too much to hope for might be a non-European story: feudal Japan, ancient Egypt, China during the Revolution, the Indian Uprising. These stories might however require a lighter and more sensitive touch than Moffat and his crew have demonstrated; colonial POVs mar a good portion of classic Who, and any treatment of such topics will have to be handled with care.

I’m still sad I have to wait till August for any of this, but on the plus side I may well be finished re-watching S8 by then.


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