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Tomorrow marks ten years since ‘Rose’ first aired, bringing Doctor Who back to television after 16 years off the air. It may seem silly to celebrate an anniversary so soon after the truly epic 50th, but I’m always up for a DW-themed party. I may not have many guests, given it’s Thursday and not Saturday like the last one; still, I’m perfectly happy to watch ‘Rose’ and eat themed snacks on my own.

I’m very giggly over my snack ideas, so like it or not I’m sharing them with you:

  • Fish and chips: adapted from a much more talented party-planner on tumblr, this involves potato chips (salt and vinegar flavor) tossed with Goldfish crackers.
  • Aztec cocoa: actually Dagoba’s Xocolatl drinking chocolate, which is pretty darn close. Use with caution.
  • Jelly babies, if I can find them. This is America, after all.
  • TARDISoda, aka fun with food coloring
  • Bananas: always bring a banana to a party
  • Adipose shortbread cookies, the cutest cookies ever thanks to Warpzone Prints. I’m not a baker normally, so making cookies is a pretty big deal!
  • Unused party ideas include fish fingers and custard, bow tie pasta salad, and elaborate themed cocktails. Can’t have everything, especially since I’m hosting this one on my own.

I plan to post a few pics after the event. Wish me luck.


Posted March 25, 2015 by Elisabeth in Cool Stuff, Fandom

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One response to “New Who Anniversary Party!

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  1. Sounds brilliant! Happy 10th!! 🙂

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