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A word from Paul Cornell.

Cornell is writing an upcoming 3-Doctor comic for Titan, featuring 10, 11, and 12. The first issue is due out in August.

Two caveats: One, all of the dates Cornell mentions are UK-specific. Whether the comic will be out in the US at the same time remains to be seen. Two, the Ninth Doctor comic I’ve been waiting for has been postponed twice. Originally to be released March 4, it got pushed to March 11 and then to April 1. So release dates apparently mean little in this world.

I wonder if it’s worth braving Free Comic Book Day for the free Doctor Who comic – if it will even be available in the US.

Also I wish I could go to BristolCon. 😦


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4 responses to “Paul Cornell comics news

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  1. Thanks for your interest. The comics will be out on the same day in the US as they are in the UK. I had no idea my blog made them sound UK specific!

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    • Thanks for your reply! Your last paragraph says “any UK comic store” and “UK online shops” so I wasn’t sure if the same would be true over here. I love your stuff and I’m really looking forward to this series. 🙂


      • Ah! I said that because when IDW had the Doctor Who licence, their titles were prevented from being available in British stores, so I was reassuring the British part of my audience that that was no longer the case. I’ve edited the blog now. Thanks!

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