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I seem to be on a roll this week.

Like many fans, I have been known to dabble in the world of fanfic. There are about as many reasons to write fic as there are fic writers, but one of the common reasons is to fix something the creators got wrong. Fic writers undo character deaths and departures, bring characters together who were kept apart, make sad endings happy and vice versa. Every time a showrunner makes a creative choice, countless alternate universes materialize where other choices were made.

I have said ad infinitum that the major problem I had with Martha was her instant crush on the Doctor. I wanted to fix it; I wanted to know under what circumstances an intelligent, self-possessed woman would fall so hard and fast for a man who never once saw her as more than a friend. Out of that, a story grew.

It isn’t fanfiction. The characters and the story are my own. But fellow fans will recognize them nonetheless.

‘The Edge’ follows explorer Marta Anders and pilot Dag ‘Doc’ Healer as they travel across the cosmos to face enemies  – and make friends – no one would ever believe. And for a limited time, you, my fellow fan, can have the story for free.

You can find the story here. Use coupon code ZX74D for 100% off the regular price of $1.99. The coupon is good until June 30 2015 – eight years from the day Martha Jones said goodbye to travel in the TARDIS.

"I'll see you again, mister."

“I’ll see you again, mister.”

Enjoy it.

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