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My sister expressed strongly the other day that she doesn’t like DW anymore because of the lack of character development.

The thing that suddenly occurred to me is not that she’s wrong – knee-jerk reaction – but that I don’t care.

For me, Doctor Who is about the imagination and the adventure. Character is secondary. That doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate good character and story development; there’s a reason I love S1 above all others. But it does mean that poor or nonexistent character development, weak storylines, and other creative problems are not going to drive me off the show.

Other things I enjoy for the character development – Broadchurch comes to mind. But for Doctor Who, as long as the TARDIS and her thief seek out the unknown, picking up friends and foes and other strays from across time and space, I’m in.

This video actually puts it very well:

Where do you want to start?


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