The Dissolution of the Ponds   Leave a comment

I commented in my ‘Asylum of the Daleks‘ post that I didn’t see how the Ponds’ marriage could have reasonably followed the arc Moffat wrote for it. I didn’t see how their longstanding relationship could come apart so fast, when all it would have taken to fix it was a simple conversation. So in the way of fic writers everywhere, I set out to correct the mistake.

The End of Everything

As it turns out, I was wrong. I didn’t write the fix-it fic I intended. Instead, in the act of writing for these characters, I discovered they could in fact behave exactly the way Moffat portrayed. Amy is entirely capable of slamming the door on her own life and never giving Rory a chance. Rory is entirely vulnerable to her whims and her demands. Things could well have deteriorated in exactly the way they did.

Who knew.

The 2000 years thing, though, is still bullshit.


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