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Holy crap there are a lot of ‘prequels’ out there.

I watched ‘The Snowmen,’ forgetting that there were two prequels – plus Strax’s recovery from Demons Run, where he supposedly died. But first things first:

The 2012 Christmas special has its problems. There is no motivation for Clara to seek out the Doctor. There is no explanation for her double life. There is no reason for her to kiss him. It’s another collection of inadequately connected ideas with no foundation.

Still, it has its moments. Clara is of course a delight. Every moment of Strax is hilarious – and eminently quotable. The Sherlock Holmes stuff is fun, and of course the ‘Asylum’ parallels. The scene of Clara’s death is touching and sad.

I still wish Moffat had kept Victorian Clara with her double life.

SUCH a fantastic hat!

SUCH a fantastic hat!

(image source)

Onto the prequels (sequels?) or anyway, mini-sodes.

I can’t find a decent version of ‘Demons Run: Two Days Later.’ It’s a silly little character study of the Paternoster gang coming together, dumb but fun. It must be on a DVD somewhere.

‘The Great Detective’ is a Children in Need special (presented by Matt and Jenna!) featuring the Gang trying to get the Doctor back in the world. Again, Strax makes it all worthwhile.

‘Vastra Investigates’ is a more immediate prequel featuring the Gang being detective-y – and once more, Moffat finding women (and their sexuality) more alien than aliens. *eyeroll*

Again the Doctor’s retirement is made issue of. It’s a bit much, really, but at least with the end of ‘The Snowmen’ it’s over at last.

As Christmas specials go, I’m afraid I have to rank this one nearer the bottom than I was prepared to. It’s funny enough and Clara has spunk, but it lacks the heart of its two immediate predecessors and the joy of the Tenth Doctor’s holiday adventures (three out of the five anyway). Here’s my current ranking, with more still to re-watch:

  • A Christmas Carol
  • The Doctor, The Widow, and the Wardrobe
  • The Runaway Bride
  • The Next Doctor
  • The Christmas Invasion
  • Last Christmas
  • The End of Time Part I
  • The Snowmen
  • Voyage of the Damned
  • The Time of the Doctor

I imagine the list will continue to evolve, though I’m fairly confident of the first three.

On to Series 7b, and more Clara Oswin Oswald.

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