S7 Continued   2 comments

  • ‘A Town Called Mercy’ by Toby Whithouse
  • ‘The Power of Three’ by Chris Chibnall

‘Mercy’ is better television than I remembered. It’s moving and scary, a bit ST:TNG with its complex questions of good and evil. All three of the mains – the two Doctors and the gunslinger – are compelling characters both good and bad. The setting is a strange bit of Old West fun, and the music is magic. Seriously, this is one of my favorite episodes for music: a bit spaghetti western, a bit Firefly, and at the same time, all Doctor Who.

‘The Power of Three’ on the other hand doesn’t hold up as well. It’s boring; the story takes place over almost a year, in which almost nothing happens. Amy and Rory finally address the question of what kind of life they want. Brian, however, is fabulous. The Doctor has a wonderful speech about all there is out there to see. And of course this episode introduces the fantabulous Kate Stewart, as portrayed by the equally wonderful Jemma Redgrave. I love this character and I wish she got more to do than just tell the Doctor how great he is. All the action takes place in the last minute or so, and it’s a bit of a damp squib. Not Chibnall’s best work.

Only one episode remains of Amy and Rory, and I find myself wishing they’d been treated better over their last few stories. Ill-used they may be, but they’re great characters and deserve better.


2 responses to “S7 Continued

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